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First, I want to say Amazing Job on the release of Microsoft Teams!


We just had our go-live for O365 this week after migrating from Google Apps.  I have been frantically looking for something to fill a gap that we have stumbled across that we were using o

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Why is Sharepoint Integration not working?


The default sharepoint site for the Teams group I created inside MS Teams won't find documents:


These files are no longer avail
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You can sync documents from any SharePoint library (on-prem or Online) with Teams documents, also from local file server department shares or user home drives via 3rd par

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@Kyle Blevens Has anyone found a workaround or a reason why some SP libraries work with Teams and others don't? I have fired up Fiddler and looked at the calls to librari... Read More
Hello Kyle. Thank you for getting back to me. I do believe that I am encountering a bug. I did additional testing today and here is what I have found. Some sites do indee... Read More
Hello Mike - I'm the Program Manager for files in Microsoft Teams. Good news - the ability to view files from an external SharePoint document library is available! Go to ... Read More

I have successfully deployed Teams on about 8 systems all Windows 10 in various offices. I have recently run into two systems in my Riverside Office that fail when I attempt to install. They fail to a blank white screen. I was able to get another system i

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I think you need to raise a support ticket.

When trying to share files in a chat i see the message 'Sorry, you need OneDrive for Business for file sharing.' which is frustrating because i have OneDrive for business! The issue has only affected me and one other colleague and is not limited to the cl

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We are also seeing this issue, the files > onedrive fix has not solved it for this impacted user.


Others in our org are OK, but this it is really important that we get th

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@Suphatra Rufo - do you have any updates? I've tried accessing files from the desktop and web client but that didn't resolve the issue.

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I am having the same problem but I'm using the Mac client. Is anyone else using a Mac and experiencing this problem?

I also have a user that is getting this message and cannot send files.  She can receive just fine...


Any resolution or work around on this?

Hi everyone -- thanks for the feedback.

This is a known issue and we're working to fix. It happens to me too!

I will let you know once we identify and resolve the bug.


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I am as of today unable to use Team anymore, as it's frozen when I open it, and I'm unable to click anyhting. Uninstalled it fully and reinstalled it again, but still no luck. Even tried system restore.

Memory usage goes up to 1.5GB for the app, where it u

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Hello all, please open a support ticket so that this issue can be tracked and escalated. Thank you. 

The same issue.
It happened for now on three computers (Win7x64) in our company.
On one of them we resolved it through full reinstall (were deleted remaining folders and re... Read More

Same problem

Server 2016 as the workstation

I'm experiencing exactly the same problem, app just crashes whenever I try to use it.

Event Viewer shows: Faulting application name: Teams.exe, version:


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Same here. 2 of my users are facing this issue. The app its just loading on a specific Team but no interaction can be made.


This is the error i get on the log:


 <3708> --

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When clicking "Download" button, user expects their Downloads Folder to open automatically. There are currently a few too many steps to get there (Download button > Files menu > Downloads section > Open Downloads Folder).

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Totally agree with this comment...downloading files from Teams is not very productive :-(

I feel like I might be missing something obvious here.  But I cannot get Office 365 Connector Cards to render properly in Microsoft Teams.  Here are two examples, a simple one and a complex one.  


Simple Example

I am posting the following JSON through the

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Is anybody else having this problem?

Im not seeing a easy away to delete left tab Activity - Notifications/Recent entries.


Nor do I see a way to delete left tab Chat entries.


Is this even available? Or planned to be released at any point?


Would be nice to keep it nice and tidy.





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would be great to delete chats that are no longer relevant

Agree - Our users are looking for the ability to close/X out of a chat (1:1 or private group chat) when they are done and no longer need to see it. However, they still wa

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I can at least confirm that it is not available at this point.

I haven't seen this particular issue addressed anywhere yet, so I hope I'm not repeating something. I run Teams on a MacBook Pro running Sierra 10.12.3. Teams launches and runs fine, but about 10 times a day I'll go to use Teams and it will be closed. I'm

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I'm experiencing the same problem on MacBook Air running Sierra 10.12.3 too.


What I think is that Teams checks updates availability, and even if I have the last bu

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We are testing teams, and run into the bug already reported to this forum. When deleting a file from teams or a channel, the file is not moved to a recycle bin and is directly deleted. 


Is there any more detailed release date available for the restori

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Problem still exists even with latest build that just came out. (64-bit)



Plannerintegration in Teams are not good and need to be changed!

When you create a plan in Teams it doesn´t sync over to the Planner Hub(Yes you can open the Plan but it´s empty) So the plan(because of the group creation) exists but the tasks and bucke

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I am experiencing this exact same confusion. I am so eager to try and implement Teams/Planner but there are two MAJOR hurdles for our organization which stops either of t

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We've also run into this issue. It's really mystifying why they don't fully integrate. 

Saw this same issue :smileyfrustrated:

I've looked (maybe not well enough), but I can't find any concrete info on Microsoft Teams being available for Office 365 Education Plans. We have went into the admin for the tenant and enabled it, but we're still unable to access it. When I go teams.micr

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Office 365 Edu is not part of the rollout of Microsoft Teams at this moment

We are seeing an issue where our General team channel shows more users than our other sub channels. Why is this? Everything we are reading is that all members have access to all channels. 





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Interesting idea, I would like to have a confirmation from the team :-)

I believe what this column is showing is how many people (and which, if you hover) have favorited that particular channel.

I'm seeing the same and it does not make any sense to me....unless we are not understanding what tha column means

Today we discovered a new tab option for YouTube that just appeared.  That's great to see...but the release notes were not updated.  Why aren't all changes included in published release notes?  It seems only when the client app is updated that notes may g

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Update:  it appears there actually was a new build pushed out and my client updated itself without me realizing.  The new build number is  Again though - the

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Hi There, 


I have to say there is a bunch of great information in here, but I can't seem to find the one answer I am looking for when trying to connect a "Team" to a "Group". 


In the FAQ there is this information about connecting the 2 ... 


Can I add Micr

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In case it is helpful to someone on this trail you can change an existing O365 group to private, then create a Team for the group using MS Teams and then change the Group

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Hi folks, Steve is correct. Also, the option to create Microsoft Team from an existing Office 365 Group also requires that you are the owner of that Office 365 Groups.

Hi there,

same problem here.


I was able to create a Team for an existing Group in the first days following the launch of Microsoft Teams, but now when I click "Create a te

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I see no option for linking a new team to an existing group, not in the thick client and not in the web client. It just asks for the team name and description, then you c... Read More

I have seen this issue as well.

In my case, I am the owner of 4 Private Office 365 Groups. 

When I try to create a Team and choose the "Add Microsoft Teams to an existing O

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We are having a lot of problems getting people to use Teams in our company because of meeting management. The following features need to be added or improved:

  1. It should be possible to set a meeting as recurring. This is very important for meetings such as
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Please, check uservoice and provide feedback on these requests