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In teams when I create a tab my save option stays grey. Why woukd tgis be happening?
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Are you using the desktop or the web App?

- What is the definition of “Recent” within Microsoft Teams?

- What actions/events (viewed, modified, moved, etc.) are caused file to be marked “recent”?

- When (timing) do files get marked for recent? When do recent files show up on the Recent list?

- Ho

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We are using Teams with Planner Tab.

When we try to add comments to a task, appears this message:

"We were not able to post your comment. Please try again."


Some idea?



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When adding content in teams in class notebook... I add pages but they disappear. Suggestions?
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I have recently setup an Office 365 tenant and configured hybrid for both Exchange and Skype for Business which i have both on prem.  All users are going to continue to be hosted on prem for now, but looking at ways to leverage teams.


I know there i

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I assume that since you have hybrid configured that you also have Azure AD Connect configured to sync your on-premises accounts. If this is the case, you can just login t... Read More

Is it possible to add external users to teams, and if so what limitations exist on what they can access?


We work with a number of external contractors/partners and would like them to have access to certain teams, or even channels within teams. This is one

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Definitely needed.  I work with various folks in various organizations in multilple parts of the world.  Seems like a great tool - most if not all of them are O365 users

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Hi Team


Is there any update on if/when this will be happening?



Very eagerly awaiting this as well.  Ours need is like many others, for collaboration with vendors on projects.  This would be AWESOME to offer this, as well as showcase

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Yes, mid of July, no feature and no update. I have external collaborators who were promised to start working with us... very disappointing! If this feature will not be re... Read More
Do we have a date for this feature being released?

Hi Teams folks -- Logistical question: due to Teams' connection/integration with Office 365 Groups, am I correct in assuming that you cannot use this tool without being on Exchange Online? (This is the limitation of adopting Groups/Planner: users must hav

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Hi Matt, for the full Microsoft Teams experience, every user should be enabled for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. • Users’ Exchange mailboxes can be hosted online... Read More

 Hi Matt, we haven't moved to Exchange Online but recently found some apps, like Planner will still create an O365 Group if you have your tenant connected to Azure AD (ev

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Users' Exchange mailboxes can be hosted online or on-premises. Users with Exchange mailboxes on-premises will not be able to configure connectors, but can still receive m... Read More



how I make sure that the default language for users will be the same in the Teams desktop and web browser application?


The case is that the customer wants users to have English language set as a default globally. Does it depend on the tenant settings?

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I think the way to guarantee the default language of the Teams desktop app is the same as with the other Office desktop apps, which is to say, via the Office 2016 deploym

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Localization is one of those Office 365 parts that could needs to be improved if you ask my opinion...in general, any Office 365 application should use the language that ... Read More

Hi all, I'm having users update their photos and they aren't showing up for other users, they are propgating throughout 365 but Teams still doesn't show them. I opened up my Teams client on a laptop I haven't used in a bit and it updated the photos. 



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I'm pretty sure the MS Teams profile photo isn't connected to O365 at this time.



We are trying to switch from Skype for Business to Teams, but currently our team is facing one critical issue: desktop sharing is not working (while it does through Skype for B. ). The following error is displayed:




In our office we do use our comp

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The other thread was updated saying this should be fixed by the end of August. 



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Is Microsoft going to fix this issue? Given what my company pays this crap, I'm very frustrated with their response. They need to address issues like this in a more timel

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It worked for us when using W7 compatibility mode, but now it is not working with MAC OS... Any one with the same issue? 





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Hi jorge,


Enable "Run this program in compatibility mode". 


Go to Teams shortcut - right click - compatibility tab - Run this program in compatibility mode.


this is worki

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I've been seeing the same thing since 5/31/17

Looking for solutions. I'm the only one encountering this issue so far in my organization.  I have Windows 10 PC.

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Since there is no guest function in Teams, and I'm not sure I would like one either, could a smarter solution be to invite external parties to become members of the group created automatically? 


I guess I can separate the team from externals by using the

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There is no way to invite / add external users in Teams currently and the kind of stuff you are describing is simply not possible. I recommend you to wait until external ... Read More

Hey Teams community!


Just wanted to let you all know I'll be giving a 20-minute Theater session at Ignite that you won't want to miss: "Groups, Teams & Dynamics 365 in the real world".  I'm focusing on how Microsoft Teams helped transform the culture of m

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I have a web app where if a user signs up, a notification is sent to the slack channel. I want to achieve the same thing in Microsoft team but I cant find any good resources. When a new user signs up, a message will be posted into the microsoft team group

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There's plenty of ways to do this today.


1. Connect your webapp to trigger https://flow.microsoft.com, perhaps using a webhook or an email etc. Flow can post striaght to

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One of our users downloaded the teams desktop client and when they clicked on the files button then OneDrive they got the setting up your permissions to the site but it will be available shortly.  Please try again.  It has been that way for 3-4 days now,

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We're still seeing this. Was anyone able to resolve it?

Did anyone get a solution to this?


Same error here.

"Setting up your permissions to the site, but will be available shortly. Please try again."


What to do?

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try to go to the group online and add the files there with the user after that try it again in Teams.

I'm on the latest Mac Teams and I'm trying to share a file via chat but I get a "Sorry, you need OneDrive for Business for file sharing." message.


I do have OneDrive for Business setup and working fine, and this was working last week. 


I've logged out of

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I had a few users that were experiencing this exact issue. 


I searched and search, uninstalled everything, reinstalled everything, wiped the AppData folder, etc. nothing

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I am wanting to remove a OneNote file (notebook) generated within Microsoft Teams, but am unable to locate it. Where might I find this file so to remove it?
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May I ask why do you need to delete the entire OneNote Notebook? It's shared across all the channels in your Team and as commented by Geoffrey, it's stored in the underly... Read More
I'd expect it to be in the connected SharePoint team site.

Using latest client on Mac Sierra 10.12.3


You have Microsoft Teams Version It was last updated on 2/3/17.


One of the conversations is giving me "We cannot access your content. Please refresh to try again.".

If I press "refresh" button it allows

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For the record - I had this problem today in two channels that someone else had recently created. I resolved the issue by signing out and back in again.

I realize this is ... Read More
Have you tried to access the info. using the Web access to teams?

if we have two type of customer :


A- Customer buying services online on marketing promotionnal site.

B- Regular customer.


Is it possible to have 2 différent schedule.


8 am to 9.30am ( 30 min session ) for customer A

10am to 16.30 pm for customer B


All of th

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Mmmm...Could you tell us how this question is related to Teams?



i am trying to load Teams in my browser because i am working with a Linux Desktop. Login into Office 365 works fine and all other App works as expected. Teams on the other Hand just Loops endlessly, i see it cycles between https://teams.microsoft.com/go#

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Have you also tried to access using different browsers (if possible) in your Linux machines?

Do you get any more information from the network monitor (F12)? Any 401 responses with maybe more information perhaps? Missing/invalid tokens maybe?

I've had a couple of updates recently (latest today to Version, the previous two weeks ago), but the release notes have not been updated since 21st June?  

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Another new release this week, but still no release notes.  Sigh.

Same here

Yeap, seeing the same here

I want to share a file from my Team with a member in my organization who is not a part of my organization. One way is I can get a link and share but it doesn't work well.


Only possible way I can see is I have to open a file in a SharePoint and share from

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No, you can't do that. Support for external users in Microsoft Teams is not rolled out yet.


The workaround is as you describe; configure the SharePoint site for external

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I found no way to do this except over sharepoint. I think we have to wait for the "guest access" feature that is still in development. Lots of people in my company wait f

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I'm experimenting with rolling out Teams.  I've got a Team and I created a channel in it.  This process didn't complete correctly and I got an error and hit cancel.  The Team then started spawing channels - can't see them or their name.  Now at  189, whic

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How is everybody getting on with this issue? Its become a problem for us and a fair amount of project info lost last week due to us having to delete the old team. We

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Same here. I created another post with some screenshots here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams/Bug-with-channels/m-p/92520


Same issue, something happ

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Ditto here too. The android app doesn't seem to be affected.

Same pb here.

Only way to access real channel is to add it to favorite using ios app.

Then i can go to real channel in team desktop.


https://teams.microsoft.com/ have same

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In a similar position here.  Team created yesterday, owner created and then deleted a channel, and now spawning channels.  Currently 102 and counting....



I have a strange issue with a colleague. When she views a OneNote through Teams it displays really small in the top left corner, as per the attached file. It works fine for some and not so for others. I have checked the way they are connecting to the O

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Weird, I have not suffered this problem...is this happening in the desktop app, the web one or in both?

I have created a few documents in team files/folders and although these documents show up on the home page of office.com under recent documents, they do not show as my documents in Delve. Only files created by me in allocated OneDrive show up in Delve. 

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This is a known "issue / lack of functionality" that is promissed to be fixed by Microsoft. Basically, when you create a Team you are creating a private group behind the ... Read More

Has Microsoft published release notes for Teams as it is updated?  My client just pulled down a new version ( and I would like to know what changed or was fixed.

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The last two releases made me think they were going to handle this better, because release notes were updated in the T-Bot section. Unfortunately, the release this mornin

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As others have said release notes can be found within T-Bot. 


The change log is now updated on a considerably more regular basis and with more detail. 

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correct the last release notes are quite old and only really show the shiny new features, how about listing the bug fixes ect for all versions of teams web / apps / mobil

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This doesn't have the detail I'm looking for. This tab release notes you mention was last updated Nov 11 but the client was just updated Dec 1st to the version in this po... Read More
Hi Ryan, yes, please go to the Release Notes tab in the T-bot. You can see T-bot either in Chat or via Settings>Help.