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Hi there, what functionality do we get if we switch on Teams without the Exchange Online component?


I appreciate it's probably best if we do with Exchange Online being in place first, but...what if, we just used Teams without it for a while?


What function

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We have setup MS Office 365 for Education, but have not turned on Exchange Online. We are using our on-prem Exchange and syncing with Azure Active Directory to 365. Using

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Teams is built on top of Groups what means you need both SPO and EXO...so basically you won't be able to use Teams without EXO

Is it possible to add external users to teams, and if so what limitations exist on what they can access?


We work with a number of external contractors/partners and would like them to have access to certain teams, or even channels within teams. This is one

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Adding external users is a pretty critical issue for me. We're a very small law firm -- two people -- so it doesn't make sense to use it internally. However, a major clie

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This is the #1 requested feature on User Voice. If you want it to happen, make sure you place your vote there and not here, it just takes a couple clicks: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/16911109-external-access-and-federation... Read More
I agree completely. We need external user access as well. We need to collaborate with clients on projects all the time.

Very critical.  Please add soon.

Critical feature.

It's a better way to review video and make comments while playing back in Teams. First time it worked right after I set up the Video tab. But later when logged out and back in Teams, Video tab keeps prompting me to log in, though I click it for a few time

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Cilck Reresh button, and it doesn't work.MS_Teams_video-refresh.PNG


It does work in Teams using my web browser.

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I have this issue with a few clients at my work. I don't know why this happens to some and not others. OneDrive has been setup and configured on their PC's. Anyone see this before?



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I think this problem has also been reported in other threads so it mus be an issue in Teams

We already have a Planner group with lots of tasks underway, and want to either add that into Teams or add Teams to that Planner, but I cannot figure out how to do that. Any suggestions?

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Thanks, Dan. What you say is correct, Dan. Unfortunately there isn't a way to bring in a pre-existing Planner into Microsoft Teams.

I completely understand that its early stages of Teams and that we can now utilise multiple plans within a team, however a good point has been raised regarding adding exi

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Same need here. 

Please better integrate "office 365 plans" with "ms teams plans"


thank you,



Each channel can have multiple plans. This isn't quite the same planner as the one accessed through groups, for example there is no way to view the graphs, just the board... Read More

I'm assuming you were able to create the team in Microsoft Teams and connect it to the existing O365 Group?  (If not, see instructions at bottom of https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint-Blog/SharePoint-and-OneDrive-welcome-Microsoft-Teams/bc-p/26519#M103

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Can we only add Private O365 Groups to Microsoft Teams? or can we also add public groups? I have a public group as we use it's email as a catch all for the department with external contacts.

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I noticed that Microsoft Classroom creates a private group.. but this group is not listed when adding Office 365 groups to Teams.

So not all private groups are listed OR O... Read More

I was able to pull in a Public Group by switching it to Private, then creating a Team for it, then switching it back to Public. The only thing, though, is that right now

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Although when you create a Team it creates an O365 group... you can't go the other way. Also adding members from the O365 groups interface will do nothing as well.
My hope was this was going to read the Groups and pull that information into Teams in regards to Converstations/Files/Notes, etc. The one Group I was admin for, that it f... Read More
Just private Teams at this stage. Though our organization managed to create a Team, which in turn creates an Office 365 Group and mailbox, then changed the mailbox to all... Read More



I created a team in MSTeams and I want to create a few channels there but some of them with restricted access for some of the team members. Do we have this feature in MSTeams? If yes, how can I do that? If no, do you plan to add this? 


Thanks a lot

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@Elaine Ansell When is this feature planned to roll out for testing? Also, is there a set time for updates? Every week, every other week etc. Read More
Hi Catalin, this concept is something that we are working on in Microsoft Teams. Thanks for the feedback
AFAIK, the concept of private channel does not exist

Since GA, we now have an option to "Follow a channel." Previously, if we Favourited a channel, we would also be following it and would receive notifications when the channel was @mentioned. Now it seems there are two separate actions. 

The Teams and Channels support article

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I almost think of them as offering you different choices for volume of notifications in that channel.


Favorite decides whether you see that channel by default if favorite

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It was announced that Trello would be a partner and you would have the ability to add Trello boards to your Team sites. Does anyone know when this might become reality?
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Can you share the announcement? I believe what you will be able to do is the following:
(1) Connect Trello to Teams using Connectors
(2) Add a Trello Tab to your Teams.

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I like to create contact groups in any tool we are using for messaging in this case Microsoft Teams. As far as I have been able to find you can only add people to favorites. Does any know if we are able to create contact lists in Teams and if not if it wi

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You could create this Contacts List in the Teams site as a Contacts List and add a Tab to your Team

Some pilot users in my org are complaining that they cannot increase the font size.  There doesn't appear to be any setting presently to do this.  What is odd is that on UserVoice this is marked as completed; however it doesn't seem to work (at least on W

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I have also had some users in my organization complain about the inability to modify the chat size.  Hopefully this feature will be added soon.

Great workaround!!!

I can't find a way to increase font size in the app. Workaround for your users in the meantime: use the web client. Ctrl +/- works there.

Hey all, 


I have what may be a silly question. I assumed that you could hold meetings with everyone in a specific group/team including all the people in that team without size restrictions.


However, I ran across this https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Frequently-asked-questions-about-Microsoft-Teams-%E2%80%93-Admin-Help-05cbe533-2181-4e95-a4b0-52cd7695fafc

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I found recently with about 10 video enabled users the sfb alike calls already becoming a bit of an issue. Videos seem to be freezing regularly.

Once we are in teams.microsoft.com, will we see the Office 365 app launcher / banner, to return to other services in Office 365? 

(Kinda the inverse of the question asked on this post - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams/No-Microsoft-Teams-in-App-Launcher/m-p/27167#M479

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Was there ever an answer to this? First question every user asks us when we show them Teams is "where is the waffle menu?" They expect to see our custom tenant branding a... Read More
+1, it should work in that way :-)

We just started setting up Teams for our company and I noticed that when we create a chat it also creates a folder on SharePoint. I like the fact that all the files being shared on that conversation are being saved to share point but....


Can we not specif

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Short answer: no you cannot, it works like this by design. Teams are based on Groups and the storage block for Groups, and also for teams, are the Groups sites

I deleted an O365 Group linked to a Team a couple days ago, but my users are still using the Team that was linked to it. I know I can manually delete it, but shouldn't the Team automatically be deleted when the Group goes away? How would I track down orph

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Well...it seems that this is just not the case and I agree when a Group is deleted, the related object should be deleted too (Plan, Team, any other stuff)...adding @Christophe Fiessinger

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Yeah, I had to delete twice: one from the Groups itself and the second time from Teams. The big update, GA or whatever you want to call it is coming soon... It should bec... Read More