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Great stuff!!

Accidently added few members to a Team's group chat, but I don't find option to remove the members. Whether the newly added members can see the old conversations? Is there any indirect way to remove members?

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Is it that you can't see those members you added, or how to remove any members?
To remove members from the Team all you need to do is:
1. Click the ... to the right of the ... Read More

When I create a meeting in Teams, it allows me to select a room. Is it possible to select a physical room here or are we only talking a digital chatroom ? (Sorry, we cannot find any building). I created two rooms in Exchange in Office 365, but they are no

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It uses the same RoomLists as you create for exchange. You would normally create a RoomList per building or floor in a large org, in your case perhaps you just need the o... Read More
I have just verified that same thing is happening in one of my tenants so it seems this is not well integrated yet

I have just completed moving over thousands of files into a new Group so that they can start using Teams.   Everything is working great until they try to add a OneNote Section from Teams.  I then get the error below.  Nothing I do seems to fix it.   This

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go into the team and add a new Channel, then add a notebook to that channel. A new corresponding section will automatically be created.

When trying to create a channel I get "Another Channel already has that name. Try a different one" but a channel of that name doesn't exist (See below)




What may have caused this is - I created a channel a few days ago but I spelt it wrong. I then renamed

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I had this problem but I caused it myself. I created a channel then deleted it. When I tried to add it again, it said the channel already existed.

I'm having the same issue. I have deleted a channel and am trying to add it back with the same name.


I don't get prompted when typing the channel name, but after clicking

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Could it be that you have a group with the same name?

Some pilot users in my org are complaining that they cannot increase the font size.  There doesn't appear to be any setting presently to do this.  What is odd is that on UserVoice this is marked as completed; however it doesn't seem to work (at least on W

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Unfortunately, the Ctrl +/- option works in the browser version of Teams, but it does not work in the Windows application, at least it does not in the release from this m... Read More
I was just looking for an option to increase the font size as well, because I want to display the Teams window on my laptop display as I work. The resolution of the lapto... Read More

I have also had some users in my organization complain about the inability to modify the chat size.  Hopefully this feature will be added soon.

Great workaround!!!

I can't find a way to increase font size in the app. Workaround for your users in the meantime: use the web client. Ctrl +/- works there.

Hi All,


I have managed to convert Office 365 groups to TEAMs, in the background what is it actually doing? And is it possibe to revert those changes made by the conversion process.






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So think of a house - Creating an O365 group is like going in the front door which gives you access to the entire house - the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom,

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Don't think of it as a conversion process. You are simply adding the Teams functionality on top of the Office 365 Group. As evidence, here is the exact text provided when

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hello mark


not sure if i understood your question completely :)

if you have an existing O365Group, you can "connect" this Group to a MS Team during the creation of a Team

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There’s still a lot of confusion around Office 365 Groups and how they work with Microsoft Teams, so I’ve partnered with the team at AvePoint to write a post about how they work together.

The post covers confusion around product names, integrations, and sc

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It feels like Microsoft is launching products with no overarching vision. No product manager to look across the full spectrum.


Groups and Teams are so similar any reasona

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More half-baked solutions from Microsoft that provide confusion for their customers.


Why create a whole new 'product' rather than just enabling persistent chat in the exi

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The article does a good job explaining the shortfall of the groups/teams story.  Unfortunatly does very little to explain how to actually make use of both at simotaniousl

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This is a great article. A must read!

Good stuff, I literally cannot imagine rolling out Teams without having a firm grip on Groups, more power to the people that do, but it seems like a disaster waiting to h

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is there a connector for BitBucket Server? 

I know that you can use the BitBucket Cloud connerctor but is there  a way to configure miscorsoft teams for a self-hosted BitBucket Server ?



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Is it possible to add external users to teams, and if so what limitations exist on what they can access?


We work with a number of external contractors/partners and would like them to have access to certain teams, or even channels within teams. This is one

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External users are important, but we cannot even gather all internal users under a team.

Reason - we have a number of different domains in the organization, such as @MyCom

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I would only have validated (2FA) external users accessing my company's knowledge.

Adding external users is a pretty critical issue for me. We're a very small law firm -- two people -- so it doesn't make sense to use it internally. However, a major clie

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This is the #1 requested feature on User Voice. If you want it to happen, make sure you place your vote there and not here, it just takes a couple clicks: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/16911109-external-access-and-federation... Read More

Hi everyone, our company is going to use TEAMs as Tool and we used Slack before. TEAMs Desktop App on Mac ist Slow and feels lagging all the time. Is there hope that this will be better sometimes?

If you switch between Team Channels f.e you have to WAIT a

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Use the web version of Teams until it's resolved.

On more than 60 computers, only one has such issue. Temp solution is to use the web version.

Any update to the performance of the application would be greatly appreciated.  Very slow in it's current state.

Agree - Windows application is too laggy as it is now.

Problematic for me as well. I get hardlocks every once in a while, that I'm 90% sure is related to the Teams app. 


Windows App needs much improvement before GA.

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Hi, Excel has been crashing on most of my files since this afternoon. Those files are not new. The only common factor seems to be the file size - if above 3MB or so, I cannot save any file (when I try, Excel freezes and after a short while I get a message

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Assuming this problem sticks around, I'd say can you open these files from another PC without Excel crashing? If it's just one PC, I'd run an either a Quick Repair or an Online Repair

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Network and migration planning is a crucial step prior to migrating to Office 365 to allow you to verify and test the estimated bandwidth. But even after deploying, it’s important to continue to monitor the amount of bandwidth available on the network a

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What do you find is the best way to search for teams? Half the time I cannot get any results in search. I though it was becuase the O365 Group was set to private, but nope, its public but it just will not find any teams.


So, what do you find is the best w

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We have created a team and added several members and every day we have to re-add them to the group. There is no indication why their access keeps getting removed. Calendar events they added are still available.

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I think it requires the AzureAD Premium license, but there's an audit log for each group showing why/who added or removed users through portal.azure.com.

I work in a school district; we have a garden wall that restricts who can email younger students. When we implement Teams, is there a way to restrict the Chat feature in a similar manner?

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