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My team is used to other chat programs such as Glip or Skype which usually pop-up a window when a message is sent, or send a loud ding so you know to check it. While this may annoy some people, others in my team have requested it as a feature so

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what client are you using? Teams has notifications like Skype all day long aka "Banner" notifications for everything and a sound. Not to mention toast notifications on t... Read More

I am unable to see Zendesk tab in microsoft Teams. What do i do ?



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You or your admin for your tenant need to enable external apps in order to see this. You have only the Microsoft ones showing in your screenshot so my guess is this is no

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Currently when viewing OneNote in Teams, it does not allow for showing additional Sections or Section Groups. 


Since the OneNote web experience can display additional sections and section groups, the Microsoft Teams application should be able to do this a

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This has been bothering me as well.  It looks like you can't even add a second section in the same Notebook as a new tab in Teams.  You can create an entirely separate On

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I thought that would work so I opened up separate channels for the different sections I would want in my OneNote. I added OneNote to each channel. When I tried to open th... Read More

For those wanting to share feedback and influence change, you need to participate in the Microsoft Teams feedback channel here: 


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Now I understand why it constantly breaks the link to the OneNote I am working on when I choose "Edit in OneNote." I like to set up my sections, add documents, copy and p

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This by design because the Teams OneNote is shared with all the channels in a Team so each Channel is going to get its section in OneNote
Best Response confirmed by Tom Laciano (New Contributor)

A team member, in one of my customers, does not receive toast notifications for channels (he receives toast notifications only for private chats) in the Teams Desktop App.

All other members get regularly the toast notifications.

He is following all channels

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I'm experiencing the exact same issue. Did you ever find a solution for this?

I'm  Experiencing  the  same issue  within my company. Might  this  be due  to a bug or maybe an old  version of  Microsoft Teams  or  anything?

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Are these messages the @the channel, @the user or neither?


The settings for notifications are comprehensive, if you dont set something to banner you won't get notified.



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For one of my user, when I try to open the app on windows 10 PC, the screen is just blank white. When I click on the task bar, it says " initialazing".

This is 64 bit OS

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After dealing with this for several days, I found something that worked for me:


Browse to the following location: C:\users\username\appdata\local\microsoft\teams\curren

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Right click on the desktop icon. Click "Troubleshoot Compatibility". Run the new settings and save them if the app now works.

You should solve the problem running MS Teams app with compatibility mode for Windows 8.

I was having the same issue and was able to resolve with the following steps.


  1. Navigate to the Teams icon in the lower right portion of the task bar
  2. Right click on the Team
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Our new VP is having the same thing happen to him when he logs onto Teams. Nothing is there and all content and discussions are missing. Please help on how to resolve the

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I have seen several posts about notifications on this but has not answered what I am looking for (I am using on Mac OSX).


One of the key things that I am looking to see is if we can use Teams as our IM to replace Free Skype.  We use 1:1 chats all the ti

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As the problem listed above states, Teams crashes with a white screen then recovers and states that there was a glitch. I've checked for updates and even checked for any potential driver issues that may be interfering with it, but with no luck. I've

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I am having same glitch.... 3 weeks already.. Camera: Logitech C930e. Every other application, like Skype, Skype for Business, Hangouts, anything - no problems, Teams - c

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I'm getting this issue as well, only in the past week. Clients are on the latest version of MS Teams on Windows platforms. What's the latest, is this being looked at? 


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Hi Tony,


We are getting multiple users complaining about this problem, starting or answering a video call crashes teams. This is happening to multiple users so must be

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Any firewalls sitting in the way? I have seen problems with ports not being opened up causing similar problems
Have you found any consistency between users or devices with the issue?
If you hit feedback in the Teams app that will take you to the UserVoice site where you can raise t... Read More

We are trying to clean up our tabs, some of our channels, we cannot delete the OneNote tab, when i right click on the tab, nothing happens.  How do I delete the OneNote tab?  Most of these are in the General channel.

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same issue, won't able to rename or remove OneNote tabs created in the early days.  any update on this?


Same issue here. You also can't rename it. Has this been logged with the product group?

Hello, this happens when you delete the related page in OneNote. Microsoft Teams will be unable to display the content and actually be unable to delete it from the tab. 


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Just verified that I can add OneNote tabas to teams in my tenant and delete them with no problems

We've started to get browser not supported messages from Teams this morning, but it is inconsistent across users. IE 11.0.9600 and Chrome both affected.  Were working fine yesterday. Anyone else having issues? 

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We've seen the issue on Chrome v59. Currently no issues with those on Windows 10 (IE 11.726), or Chrome v61 (but as it is inconsistent there is no guarantee that they wil

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Yes, we saw the same problem here in Chrome v57. We put it down to the new version of Teams that was rolled out last week (7 December 2017). It was intermittent here, too... Read More



During the launch event there was a demo of the ZenDesk Integration, this would be of particular interest to us.  When will be able to get access to this please?  Is there a Beta group we can join?






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Hi Juan, the other way is to add a tab. I notice that "Team Services" was added today, ZenDesk is one of them. You can see what it will look like from the URL in the orig... Read More
@Jake Baldwin is correct, Teams as happens with Groups integrate information coming from external services by using Connectors. There is no other way to do it currently Read More
Thanks Jake but that's not what I'm looking for. That simply generates a chat message for changes in ZenDesk. The integration demo'd during the launch and developed by Ze... Read More

If you click the ... next to the channel you want to integrate with Zendesk and select connectors and you can search for or scroll and select Zendesk. 

Hi ,

  Do we have any tool similar to Scoop to read the MS Team client logs ? Scoop was really handy to read Skype for Business logs and I was wandering if we have something similar to that for MS Teams?

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Do anyone have power-shell to enable Microsoft team license under E3 enterprise license for all users who has E3? 


As of now MT is enabled however, under E3 it is not enabled for all users? Not sure why intermittently enabled for some users. if there is

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There is no separate switch for "enable". If you want to "enable" a service, for example, if you have Teams disabled and you want to enable it, without disabling any othe

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I use GingerEX they have a free trial, but it's a good tool for doing bulk license edits and others.

Is it possible to send an email to a Team Channel? or to a specific Team. Currently those forwarded or received emails are shown just in Groups.

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I've just written this up in a post here aptly titled : 'Did you know you can send an Email (with attachments) to a Microsoft Teams Tab? Here’s how…'.


It walks you throug

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Yes, now you can. Click on three dots next to channel name and select "Get e-mail address"






You get e-mail address of team channel and you can also control who can send

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Best Response confirmed by Bart van der Meer (New Contributor)

Following this thread to keep an eye on how this feedback changes. You all should stay tuned... ;)

To drive thousands of employess to a disparate number of different workflow / toolsets to initate a process is not practical. As a result, in large organizations workflow

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I'm with Bart on this.  I've only just started using Teams in the past 12 hours and can see how I will be able to stop using Slack and Wunderlist. One of the nice things

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Tried adding a SharePoint site into a teams of which I am a owner but I am unable to add it. Keeps coming up with the error "We couldn't find any SharePoint site or a folder. Check the link and try again."


The site is created and is accessible as well. Co

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There is a service advisory about IE and Edge not connecting to Sharepoint. It could be related. Have you tried other sites?

I understand that Team will archive all conversations.  How long will it store them?  Where will they be stored?  Can they be extracted and saved elsewhere?  Are there tools for searching them across the entire company?  We are a financial services compan

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I watched the Ignite 2017 session on Teams security and learned:

- Chats are stored in a hidden folder in the Exchange mailbox of the participants of the chat.

- Team

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The compliance and policy portal for Office 365 is coming. This will include tenant based retention policy settings for the content within chat for Teams. Take a look at ... Read More
Can we get a response on this? We would like to start using Teams company wide but without knowing more about retention and archiving capabilities we can't start.

There’s still a lot of confusion around Office 365 Groups and how they work with Microsoft Teams, so I’ve partnered with the team at AvePoint to write a post about how they work together.

The post covers confusion around product names, integrations, and sc

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Brand new to Teams and joined the community.  I want to raise a question and cannot see that question when I search.  I can see how to reply to a topic but not how to

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For those that say it is a simple as just picking what one to use, my question is this, How are you actually making that work in real world? 


You make a Team. You tell yo

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What a mess.  What an absolute mess!


My current intent is to improve communication and collaboration within the business.

  • I want to pare down the number of places a user h
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I think at this point the best way forward is create an Office 365 enabled Yammer group. You get a team site and planner with group conversations in Yammer. Use Skype for... Read More

Here's another way to look at it. This is just a snapshot; review the full infographic for more info.O365 Twitter Post.png





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Hi There, 

When I create a new team in Microsoft Teams, it creates a Office 365 Group, does it create a Yammer Group as well? My understanding was all of this was supposed connected.


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When you create a Group in Outlook, create a Planner, a new MS Team, or a new Modern Team Site in SharePoint, it creates an Office 365 Group that includes the following:

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Best Response confirmed by Kevin Crossman (MVP)

It will be in the future, but that level of integration does not currently exist.

You have to verify that your tenant / Yammer configuration meets all the requirements to have Yammer connected groups as described here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Yammer-and-Office-365-Groups-d8c239dc-a48b-47ab-b85e-6b4b8191a869 Read More

Hello, I'm attempting to attach a SharePoint document to a MS Teams Planner task, but clicking the documents doesn't do anything, nor does my cursor change when hovering. I tried making the document a different file format to see if that would make any di

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Hi MS Teams Team,


Is there any update on when code formatting will be available in Teams? I have several development teams ready to switch away from Slack but the missing piece is being able to share Code Snippets. Right now copy/paste doesn't keep the pr

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I have no heard any news about this support



I was a part of some group chats (a chat with multiple people, not a team), but they have been inactive for 2+ weeks now. During this time I received plenty of private chat messages and my chat "Recent" list now only shows these private chats.


My ques

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This same thing happened to me and I ended up here. I tried looking all over Teams to find that old group, but I found nothing. I decided to create a new group with the s

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What options are there in MS Team for a Calendar tab?

Basicaly, we need a tab that can display calendar with important dates, team leave, milestones, etc etc..



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@Rajesh Sitaraman : But that would open your mailbox and not just the team calendar, or am I not understanding this right? Read More

I found a different solution.

Create a new SharePoint calendar  or use an existing calendar.

Add a page and add the calendar as a web part.

Hide the top  ribbon and quick la

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One option is to add group calendar (use OWA link for group calendar) as a new tab (website),  

Is there a timeline for having the ability to switch tenants in the mobile apps when using guest access? We need to have that before we can evangelize this much.



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I'm working on a very large CIP Project and using Teams as the collaboration tool for several different contractors. This is the number one requests from all guests.  Ple

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why wont Microsoft respond to this question? i have asked it loads across multiple platforms?

There doesn't seem to be a way to configure audio/video settings until you're already connected to another user.


I'm having audio issues but can't find a way to configure the client to test before connecting to someone else.


In skype i would go to Tools,

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I have found a solution - if you go into your system audio playback settings (right-click the speaker icon in your systray) and set your headset as the "default communica... Read More

I have to adjust my Audio Output device EVERY SINGLE time I start a call because of this.

Should have Default Audio Settings at the application layer to configure this.

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Hi Michael. I also hope the Microsoft Teams Team add a test feature. For now, I start a meeting in a channel and adjust my settings. It's not elegant, but it works. I plu

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Hi All,


Loving Teams. Veyr much want this to be a key application and core to link all the wonderful things with O365. However I need to be able to remove the tab "Files" This is the default setting with a new team that is created. The reason why I need t

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How did you solve it, John?

I think that there may soon be a way to connect a Team to an existing SPO site, this could solve the problem by redirecting the Files tab to an existing library

Well, while I can see your scenario you have to bear in mind that when you create a Team you are creating a SPO Team Site behind the scenes and this is not going to chang... Read More
Anyone have any info about support for 3rd party audio providers?

great news Laurie do we need to wait till it shows up in the tenant?