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  • , 10-06-2016

    Could some please point out the error I'm doing?

    I'm trying to create classifications


    Neither Get-MsolAllSettingTemplate or Get-MsolAllSetti

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    , 03-23-2017

    What is most maddening is that even when we see which versions have the PS cmdlet's we need, it redirects to the latest release to download which may not have them. Higher version number, but oddly enough drops previous version cmdlets in the same version branch. Really? Took me a while to figure that out and then how to get an older preview release to use the cmdlet's I needed to control O365 Group Creation. Nevermind that many blog posts on this topic, most importantly those created by Microsoft, refer to a specific v1 preview version of MSOL module cmdlets that is not available for download anywhere right now. The adding and dropping of these critical cmdlets is maddening to anyone simply trying to follow some instructions. I'd appreciate if MS paid a little closer attention to older versions that have cmdlets that were not brought forward. Leave those as available. Don't take them down/redirect please.

  • , 03-23-2017



    I'd like to know what the best practice is for retiring terminated users.  We'd like to keep their data (E-Mail, OneDrive) for later access, but I want to cut off the accounts from receiving new e-mails, etc.



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    , 03-23-2017

    Their boss, as defined in Active Directory, will get an email with a link and then they have a week (or maybe it's 30 days now??) to get files out of it before it is removed.

  • , 03-22-2017

    The global rollout of teams has been a real problem for those of us in the Educational space. Msft enabled all users even where they did not enable the product. Then I get told its up to me to de-provision the users to remove the invalid links. Bottom lin

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    , 03-23-2017

    @Dan Stevenson - 

    Some feedback from EDU on the licensing of Teams.  On March 3rd, the Teams license appeared in our Tenant and was enabled for all 100,000 + users. (we have a script which notifies us of new O365 licenses so we were alerted when Teams license appeared).  However, since we are EDU, Teams was not availalbe to us at the time, so our users were seeing the new Teams icon and then getting the "Talk to your administrator" message when trying to access Teams.  Since we have 100,000 + users in our tenant, it then takes us close to a day to disable the license via Powershell and our Help Desk has to deal with the end user confusion since our users are seeing the Teams icon in the App launcher.


    We have provided feedback in past on how the "automatic enabling" of new O365 features impacts large environment who need time to plan, manage and communicate new services or features, so I just wanted to take opportunity to reiterate that point.


    Thanks for all the great info on Teams and the AMA.



  •  in Exchange
    , 02-15-2017

    About two or three times a month I get an email that is one giant image. The image always looks the same except for a small amount of text that changes.


    Most importantly, why is EOP letting this through? This kind of thing should never make it through a s

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    , 03-23-2017

    I sent the email, as an attachment, to Hopefully, something will be done about this.

  • , 03-22-2017

    Hello peeps,


    I'm running into a problem I haven't seen before.


    We have students enrolled at more than one school concurrently. Until this week, it hasn't been a problem for SDS, it would throw errors but work through them and add all students to the appro

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    , 03-23-2017

    Makes sense because Tuesday was the first time it failed.  I just tried creating a new sync profile and that isn't working either.  I'm selecting additional fields for section.csv and when I review the chosen settings just before creating the profile, it only shows the defaults selected for that particular csv, none of the others are doing that.


    I've reached out to Scott and am waiting to hear back.  Thank you for the response Matt, I'll update this thread as I learn more.