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  • , 01-18-2017
    I have recently set up a private group for my team but wish to share some individual documents to those outside of the group. Is there a way of sharing a link to those people without making the group public?
    5 Replies
    , 01-19-2017

    But when it comes to external users, be aware that:

    "By default, all SharePoint site collections that are part of an Office 365 Group have the sharing setting set to Allow sharing only with the external users that already exist in your organization’s directory. To change this setting, you can use the Set-SPOSite Windows PowerShell cmdlet." From https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Manage-external-sharing-for-your-SharePoint-Online-environm...:

    You can change the default using PowerShell.


  • , 01-18-2017

    In doing deployment testing with the NextGen client v17.3.6743.121 and Team Site sync takeover we get a followup dialog stating "Finish Installing Sync Icons." This is related to the new icon overlays and requires elevated priviledges to finalize. 


    Does anyone know (or read) whether this priviledge level will be a requirement at GA release? The sync engine itself installs in user space. If so, will there be a stand alone install pack for the icons that can be scripted. I'm not actually expecting anyone to have the definative answer at this time, but does anyone know if there's any documentation that covers this issue in an enterprise deployment scenario. 

    1 Reply
    , 01-19-2017

    The problem is that Windows has a hard limit of 15 icon overlays and therefore various programs compete for them. In particular, Dropbox is very aggressive in hijacking the icon overlays.

    Unfortunately, the registry key for overlays needs administrative privilege to be accessed: hence the "Finish Installing Sync Icons" dialog and the privilege elevation request.

    I don't know if this problem ill be solved in the GA release, but I am afraid it can't...

  • , 10-20-2016

    Cortana does not search my email or any Office 365 - Exchange Online or CRM Online related content on my Windows 10 PC.

    How to troubleshoot and resolve issue?



     - latest Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 on a PC

     - Cortana up and running for other apps (HealthVault etc.) normally

     - Cortana signed in with my Office 365 and CRM Online account

     - I have Office 365 E5 plan with CRM Online Pro plan on my user

     - Office365 tenant is configured to allow Cortana for all users

     - Tenant is first release

     - no beta/preview/unsuported solution, everything is production ready (GA/RTM versions)

     - problem persists for all users

    3 Replies
    , 01-19-2017

    It seems that search provider for email, calendar etc are missing in Cortana...


    How to fix that?

  • , 01-16-2017



    I have a really strange query with a user. They are the Site Owner for the site in which there are 3 different document libraries. In 2 of the DLs the site owner can go the Library Settings page and they see the 'permissions for this document library' link to set permissions for that library. But 1 of the libraries just does not have that link. They see all the other links and settings on the page, but just that one is missing. i have checked and the library is currently inheriting permissions, so why would that link be missing for a particular library?



    5 Replies
    , 01-19-2017

    Hi. Thanks for your all your help, I found the problem was a permissions issue. The Document Library had inheritance broken and for some reason the user had only Design permissions for the Library. Evidently, this means you don't have access to permissions, which makes sense I guess. I reinherited the permissions and ther user can manage permissions again.


    Thanks again for your feedback.

  • , 12-20-2016

    In my organization we have a helpline. I would like to create a form to fill in after a phone call. I need text fields, checkboxes, yes/no-options and so on, for different questions.

    This should be located in our intranet (= SPO Team site).

    For this I have tried Excel surveys and the SPO survey. They are both good, but have different issues that make them both unusable for me, if there are no workarounds.


    * Excel survey: it is great to get the answers in one spreadsheet, but it is not possible to create a question with checkbox options (that is, multiple choices). There also is no option to assign or notify a specific user if for example their name is chosen as an answer in a question.


    * SPO survey: multiple choices/checkboxes are allowed, but as far as I can see, it is not possible to analyse the input in any other way than "view a graphical summary", nor to connect the data to a spreadsheet. There is an option to chose between users as an answer, but there seems to be no notification setting connected to it. (Also, I would like the questions/form to show on a Team site page, but instead the answers show up ...)

    Have I missed something, or does anyone know if there are workarounds?

    5 Replies
    , 01-19-2017

    So, the custom list will work fine, however, I have run into a problem:


    The list is supposed to register manually entered info about incoming calls to our helpline.


    I want a non-required field that addresses to wich employee the information about the call is to be sent. That is, person A takes the call, makes notes and wants person B to be informed, maybe just for information, maybe because B needs to work on the case.


    Therefore, I would like it that an e-mail notification is sent to user B (or C, D ... in the organization). A regular task is not really needed, it's enough with an e-mail (a task is ok but the e-mail notification is essential).


    But I do not manage to set it. I tried a workflow (have never used workflows before), but didn't really get it.


    Any ideas? Thankful for all the help I can get!