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  • , 11-22-2016

    Welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community !

    The mission of this online community is to provide a platform for IT Pros, Developers, Office 365 and Azure Users, cloud fans and Microsoft to interact. It is a central destination for education and thought leadership on best practices, product news, live events, and roadmap. Get started by signing in. You'll need a Microsoft email to register (@outlook, @hotmail, @live, etc.)



    • Be positive, kind, and courteous. “Like” posts and ask questions. Be friendly with others on the network. Feel free to provide feedback, but keep it constructive. 
    • Look at the product groups and join conversations. Groups are where most of the conversations happen. Browse through the groups and join the ones that interest you.
    • Post to the right place! Is your question about Exchange? Post it to the Exchange group. Using tags like #SharePoint and #2016 help people understand what you are talking about. Not sure where to post? Feel free to message an admin.
    • Mark answers as correct. This helps ‘close’ the thread so folks know you’ve received the answer you were looking for.
    • Search before you post! There is a chance that your question has already been answered. The search function on this platform is very powerful, take advantage of it. Speaking of which… 
    • Keep private stuff private. Read our acceptable usage policy and double check to make sure you are posting confidential information responsibly and in the correct place. 
    • Add a profile picture and fill out your profile! It’s easy and quick, and helps people discover you as an expert.
    • Fine-tune your email notification preferences.  Go to your settings to set your preferred notifications. /t5/user/myprofilepage/tab/user-preferences
    • Invite others to the network. Reference the network using our shortlink http://aka.ms/mstechcommunity


    • Post support questions. The best place to get support is: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice onTechNet , or by opening a support ticket in your Office 365 Admin Console.  If you have a problem, we want to make sure it’s tracked, ticketed and escalated as needed so you’re back up and running as quickly as possible.
    • Post solicitation, spam, and/or content free posts. This is a place for all of us. Don’t fill the groups with 3rd party promotion. Violators may be banned from the network.
    • Be negative. Constructive feedback is good, but avoid personal remarks, sarcasm and blame.  
    • Use crazy fonts, profanity or ALL CAPS. All caps and strange fonts are annoying. Not only does it look like shouting, it makes others want to use profanity. 
    • Wander off topic. No posting about sports, religion, politics or other things that don’t belong here. 
    • Share content from a private group. Respect your colleagues and our acceptable usage policy.
    • Harvest user data. Some members may share personal information here. If you spam members from this network, Microsoft may take legal action.


    Badging Rings

    You will notice that some community members have colored rings around their avatars. This means they were awarded a specific badge. Here is a breakdown of each badging ring:


    Microsoft employees - Like you, they are members of the community around Microsoft products, and we encourage them to share their knowledge, expertise, and opinions on this platform.

    Microsoft Employee Avatar Ring.JPG

    Community Managers - Our community managers are here to encourage conversation, provide direction, answer questions, and keep the community healthy.

    Community Manager Avatar Ring.JPG

    MVPs - MVPs are recognized technology experts who passionately share their knowledge and expertise with the community.

    MVP Avatar Ring.JPG

    Similarly, you may notice badges and ranks next to usernames. Badges are achievements you can unlock. Ranks, like “MVP”, can either be assigned or earned through participation.


    Feedback & Ideas

    This is a community for the Microsoft community (you). So if you have feedback or ideas, please reach out to the administration team! 

    Flag inappropriate content for review

    This network is a big place and moderators cannot see everything. If you see any violation of these guidelines, please notify us within the community by choosing "Report Inappropriate Content" from the message's Options menu and let us know why you feel the content is inappropriate.

    If you have any questions about our guidelines, terms, or policies reach out to the admin team.


     Thanks for joining the Microsoft Tech Community. Learn more about how to Get Started.

    , 12-23-2016

    Michael, i'm still bit confusing by positioning of Microsoft resources. In particular, "The best place to get support is: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice onTechNet ".


    If open TechNet support menu above is positioned as one of the support links for Non IT pros. Among dozen of other links to receive the support. I understand people on "answers" are motivated to answer, perhaps their income depends on how good they are in answers. From this point of view yes, answers is the best place. But is this the best place for IT Pros for whom this community is?


    IMHO, this community is also the best support place for tenants admins. Depends on how we understand the "support" term.


    Anyway, happy holidays and good luck in New Year!

  • , 01-18-2017

    Thanks for the great looking update. But i really miss the option to just view unread messages. It would be great if there was a toggle to show only unread messages. now i have to go in and view all till a date is not like Yesterdays reply..


    Hope this can be fixed in the near future.

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  • , 01-13-2017

    Happy 2017! As detailed in our last community update, we are continually striving to improve this community and make it a more useful and valuable resource for all of our members.  The next change will be coming this Wednesday, January 18th.  You’ll notice an updated look and feel, changes to the Home and Communities pages, restructuring of some of the Azure communities, navigation improvements, and other changes.


    This is installment is just the latest update in ongoing efforts to improve this community. There will be more to come.  Stay tuned!


    7 Replies
    , 01-18-2017

    I temporarily forgot and got a pleasant surprise when I came back!


    Looks fresh desktop and mobile, and business as usual so far, meaning I have found nothing amiss.


    Great job team

  • , 01-18-2017

    Hello again! It’s mid month which means the latest installment of our continuing efforts to update the look, feel, and functionality of this community. As noted last week, we are focusing a lot on the overall experience and design of the site, and today we’re rolling out another big wave of changes.


    Global Navigation changes.

    You may have noticed updates to accommodate a desktop and tablet/mobile view. This is an area where we’ve really listened to feedback from your Community Ideas:

    • Moved away from hamburger menu to a sticky header with cleaner navigation
    • New links for Microsoft Tech Community landing page, Communities, Events, My Home, Info Center
    • Home icon or the 'Microsoft Tech Community' link will take you to the landing page
    • Direct links to both Microsoft Ignite and Tech Summits communities
    • The 'My Home' link is clickable and will take you to your Tech Community dashboard
    • Dropdown menus now activated with mouse-hover for 'Events' and 'My Home'
      • (We have noted your feedback that the condensed view of the dropdown menu restricts your ability to view all of your favourite communities and spaces.  We will look into making improvements in this area.)
    • Community Stats (previously at the bottom of the hamburger menu) now positioned above the footer of the homepage.

    Logged out view of the Microsoft Tech Community homepage.Logged out view of the Microsoft Tech Community homepage.Logged in view of the Microsoft Tech Community homepage.Logged in view of the Microsoft Tech Community homepage.

    Drop down menu activated with mouse-over hover.Drop down menu activated with mouse-over hover.

    Updates to Community pages.

    We have updated the layout for each of the community pages:

    • Communities with more than 9 spaces will have a 'Show More' button.  When clicked it expands to reveal the complete set of spaces within a community.  Your favourite spaces will always be positioned in front of those that are not your favourite spaces.

    New 'Show More' button.New 'Show More' button.

    • We have retained the ability to limit search to within a community rather than the entire Microsoft Tech Community (noted we need to make a change to the text to represent 'Search this community').
    • We have retained the use of the right rail for a Welcome message, ability to see Top Contributors of a community and curated resources relevant to each community.


    Space styling improvements.

    We heard lots of requests to improve the readability of content within the Tech Community spaces.  We've made the following improvements to help you focus on the content and conversations and shift useful but auxiliary components to the side.

    • Breadcrumb simplified to sit above the name of the space
    • Ability to see latest conversations in the right hand rail, an option for those who want to see the most recent conversations.  Your feed is where you can see the most active conversations with recent replies
    • Moved Trending Spaces to the right rail
    • 'Members Online' moves to right rail and fitted sizing
    • Pagination available at the top and the bottom of the feed
    • 'Start New Conversation' option positioned next to 'Search this space' to encourage use of search before posting a new conversation
    • Option to click to load more conversations on the screen at the end of the feed.

    Updated space styling.Updated space styling.

    Cleaner conversation layout.

    • When in a conversation thread you can see 'Related conversations' at the top on the right hand rail as opposed to where it was previously at the bottom of the page
    • We have retained the ability to go to the previous and next conversation within a thread so you can go through each conversation in chronological order.

    Updated conversation thread layout.Updated conversation thread layout.


    Updates to the All Communities landing page.

    • Clean and coloured community tiles in line with site design
    • Colour bar added to communities you’re a member of:

    Updates to the Communities Page - Colour now indicates which communities you have joined.Updates to the Communities Page - Colour now indicates which communities you have joined.


    We’ve also restructured the C+E communities including Azure, IoT, EMS, and others. Learn more about those changes and share your feedback here.


    As you continue to explore and use the community, you’ll notice many slight updates and enhancements that improve the experience of using this site.  We will be continuing to make changes and more frequently.  Expect to see one or two releases each month, although some releases will be smaller than others.  We expect to have another round of improvements in 3 weeks time.  These improvements are based on your input in the Community Ideas Exchange so please encourage others to vote on your ideas.  We know the Tech Community is far from perfect, but we hope that seeing these changes increases your confidence we will get the Tech Community to a place you love coming back to again and again.  We care about your experience here and look forward to hearing your thoughts on what we can do to make it better.

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    , 01-18-2017

    Dear @Anna Chu

    I like the cleaner design and the sticky navigation on mobile and many other visual improvements, but you've really botched up the navigation of spaces even more than before (at least you've recognized the fact in the notes). 

    The sad fact is, that it is now easier to enter spaces on my smartphone since you haven't changed the navigation there yet. 


    The general feel I get from this update is "make content more discoverable for newcomers" (which is cool and everything - and you've progressed in this area), but "make it harder for regular users to navigate and find their stuff".

    Many of these points have been mentioned since the tech community preview and unfortunately there are still no real updates in this regard:


    • readability and navigation of notifications (including jumping to the last unread post of notified conversation)
      • opening the notifications once and navigating away marks all notifications as read (=bad)
    • quick navigation between spaces and visual cues for unread (not the same as unanswered) content
    • no easy way find just the conversations that I've started
      • under Profile > "my latest contributions" is the same as "conversations I've participated in". The sorting is for some reason just different
      • this is important to find my questions again, especially if they are months old - good look going to the profile and clicking next on tens (possible hundreds in the future) pages and finding that one topic


    Everyone coming from the previous Yammer Community will realize quickly, that these are the power user features we've used day in and day out on your smartphone yammer app. 



  • , 01-18-2017

    I am looking at the new updates and a very basic fix was not implemented. As shown below, we are still seeing text that is truncated in the middle of a word and line. This is the only website that I have ever visited with this problem. It is totally inexcusable to publish something that is so poorly prepared.



    2 Replies
    , 01-18-2017

    It has been almost 4 months since I first requested that this be fixed, see  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Community-Ideas/Prevent-text-from-getting-truncated/idi-p/14514

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