Getting Started on the Tech Community

Getting Started on the Tech Community

How to Sign In

     1. Click ‘Sign In’ at the top of the home page.

2. Enter in your email address and password. You can choose one of the options below:


  1. Use your Microsoft Account (MSA) which could be an;, or other personal email address that you have set as a Microsoft account.


  1. Use the email address associated to your Office 365 or Azure account, which could be your work email address.


Selecting Communities to Join


Open the Communities page by clicking on the “Community Hubs” in the left dropdown menu.  Select at least one product or community to join.  You can also search for specific communities using the search bar. You can join more communities at any time.






Completing Your Profile and Connecting Social Media Profiles


Changing an Avatar

  1. Click on the default avatar at the top right of the navigation bar and select “My Settings”.



  1. Click the ‘Avatars’ tab.
  2. Click ‘Upload an Avatar’ to add your own photo.





Avatar Badging Rings

You might notice some community members have colored rings are their avatars.  This means they were awarded a specific badge.  Here is a breakdown of each badging ring:

  • Blue ring - Microsoft Employee
  • Red ring - Community Manager
  • Green ring - MVP


Create a Bio

  1. Click your avatar at the top right of the navigation bar and select “My Settings”.



  1. Click on “Personal Information’, under the Personal tab.
  2. Provide your organization’s name, your title, bio, and other details about yourself. When finished, click ‘Save’.




Add Social Media Accounts

You can also add your social media accounts to your profile in ‘Personal Information’ under the personal tab.

  1. Click on ‘Social Media Profiles’.




  1. Add URLs linking to your social media profiles, then click ‘save’.


Managing Preferences, Subscriptions and Notifications

Subscriptions to blogs and spaces enables you receive an email notification when a new blog or post has been published. You will automatically be subscribed to topics you participate in. See the guidance below on managing subscriptions.


Setting Preferences

  1. You will automatically be subscribed to topics you participate in. To disable this, click your avatar at the top right of the navigation bar and select ‘My Settings’.




  1. In the ‘Preferences’ Tab, deselect ‘Automatically subscribe me to topics or reviews I participate in.’





Manage Subscription Notifications

  1. Click on the ‘Subscriptions & Notifications’ tab.
  2. To customize notifications, click on ‘Notification Settings’.





Subscribe or Follow Blogs or Spaces

You can also choose what blogs and discussion spaces you would like to subscribe to or follow.

  1. Within the blog or discussion space, click the Subscribe or Follow button on the task bar.





For more information on Contributing to the Community, please visit the supporting article. - Contributing to the Community - Microsoft Tech Community


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