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here's the problem. For some strange reason my Microsoft account decided that the same password I'd been using for months was the wrong password. So, next up, the automated system steered me to a page to change my password. Except, the phone number they have on file is an old number. There was, thankfully, an option to use a different verification method. But, when I clicked that option, it took me back to the form asking for my phone number. So then, I noticed a link I could use to change my password via a form. It has been at least since Dec of 2021 and no matter what information I provide it immediately sends me an email saying that information was not sufficient. It's like some bad sci fi movie. The information that the system asks for is not sufficient ? Neither can I find a live representative either by phone or even chat. The information in my account is needed because I'm currently involved with a legal dispute. The computer I was using forced me to reset to factory setting . I was able to change every account except microsoft

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si es mia no tuya

Hi @chills777 

Your Microsoft account recovery request wasn't granted

This is official information - please read.

MTC is a public forum so please do not share your login information.



I filled out the recovery form now more time than I can count.


Yes I understand, but as it appears from the documentation only in this way you can regain access to your Microsoft account, I would advise you to create a new temporary account using such login information as in the lost account .

@chills777 Hello! Unfortunately this is out of the scope of the Microsoft Tech Community and you'll need to reach out directly to Microsoft support (


I'm sorry your experience hasn't been the most helpful there, but this is not a direct support site and we don't cover personal email address issues here.


I'll go ahead and move this to the Outlook space as it definitely doesn't belong in the Microsoft Tech Community Discussion space (aimed for conversations about the Microsoft Tech Community website), but I don't believe you're likely to find your answers here.

out of the scope of the microsoft tech community ?

why can't you provide me with an actual person that can help me ?
I can't do that because this is not a support page, and this is a question that only support dedicated to the email provider you are using can handle this question. You could also try reaching out to the support community here if you prefer:


Unfortunately, you are required to provide up-to-date information to verify your account under the terms of your agreement with Microsoft.

Or maybe it's not your account?

" So, next up, the automated system steered me to a page to change my password. Except, the phone number they have on file is an old number. " 

Change your password in (

Microsoft account security info & verification codes


This is your second post on the subject, it looks like you have little IT experience and this is the cause of your problems.

form reject all information password change - Microsoft Tech Community

you missed the part where I said this has been since at least Dec of 2021. That's when I changed my phone number. I've been trying to update it since then. But, your systems requires the use of the old number. Also, just so we're clear. I have emails printed out to various people I've emailed. I put that information into the system. I use the exact subject lines. Along with all the information I can recall that's being asked for. The rejections comes within seconds of completing the information. It's my account. And I could prove it if I were actually given a chance to by a living breathing human being instead of an algorithm. That's in the terms of service to. It refers too "a representative" in the arbitration agreement section. I'm asking to be put in contact with "a representative".

I'm the cause of the problem ?


Yes, Microsoft is obliged to protect the account against unauthorized access!
I am not an employee of Microsoft, so I try to help you by sharing information, if someone wants to contact you directly it will be a scammer!
Regards thank you for the discussion

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thanks for the follow up, yes the Microsoft Tech Community is primarily a community where customers can share their experience with other customers about deploying, using or developing with Microsoft’s products and services.


It is not, in the strictest sense, a support community and we have no access to systems to help you with security issues relating to your account.


I would recommend you either follow this help topic: Can’t sign in to your Microsoft account  or Contact Microsoft support as they can help you recover your account.

If there is anything else you need please do let us know.


kind regards