Unable to Reset Password

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I've created an Outlook account recently but forgotten the credentials to log back in. Since after creating the account, my inbox has been empty but with only a welcome email. I've tried resetting the password via the automated form, which asks for basic details (First Name, Last Name, Microsoft Services used, Recent sent emails with exact Subject lines) but I keep receiving these crappy automated emails from the BOT saying "Unfortunately, our automated system has determined that the information you provided was not sufficient for us to validate your account ownership."


I couldn't find a customer service contact number (USA) or a support email to contact a HUMAN. Had anyone faced this issue before, if so how were you able resolve this?


Thanks in advance.

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Facing issues with account password reset for your Outlook account. Here are some help.

1. Check the details you're entering for the password and reset exactly what you used when creating the account.
2. Look for alternative options to prove it's your account, like using a backup email or phone number or any favorite questions you had been asked previously.
3. If nothing works then go through the account recovery process. It might take some time to get your account back.

Hope it will resolve your issue.