What happend to the "New Outlook" for Mac?

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Ok, is this just me, or did something happen with Outlook for Mac?


In February, Office 2019 updated to 15.58 and I got the "New Outlook" for Mac.  I flipped the toggle switch, and was informed that Exchange support was not yet in the New Outlook, but was "coming soon".  (How on Earth Microsoft can put out a new version of Outlook without Exchange support is beyond me, but I guess that's a whole other thing...)


I had hoped that 15.59 was "soon" and that support would be included with it.  Instead, what I got was the complete removal of the New Outlook! 


Was that supposed to happen?  I haven't seen anything online about it, and I would expect something like this to raise a big fuss.


I switched to the Beta Channel, and I still don't see an option to switch to the new interface in 15.60.


Does anybody know what's going on?

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I tried to submit the same question through Outlooks support feature and got a post from back informing me that for those users with on-premise Exchange (or local data), the new interface is not available, and that they're working on it.

So if this post helps anyone, there you go.



Last time the "were working on it" was 7 years ago (2015), to add the tasks\to-do bar on the mac version of Outlook. And it was the most voted feature on the official suggestions page. It took 7 years until they did it in 2022.

Also worth mentioning, they had it "under review" 2 years before that.


So whoever is working on it, is probably either drunk or very-very-very patient.