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If you want to binge watch all of what's new and coming to SharePoint, check out the Microsoft Mechanics SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017 demo playlist. We feature the engineers behind the technology updates across Communication Sites, OneDrive, mobile, Tea

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I'd like to know more about PowerApps inside SPO: very very interesting




Great new videos and new features for SharePoint.....

So much cool new features and interfaces to take in, just wish it was available now! :)
very good stuff!!
These are great! Is there a place to get roll out dates for the Communications Site templates/feature?

Is it possible to remove Created By in the "News from sites" tile on  SharePoint home page?   A person could be designated to post news, but may not want people contacting them about the post.  Yes, a contact could be included on the page, but there are u

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I am basking in all the glory that is modern pages, both in team sites and communication sites. I am, however, missing modern pages in my root site.

How the heck can I get these enabled? I just want to create a modern homepage.

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I have a setup multiple lists and libraries to build a company "services catalog". All the items display on the search results webparts including the links to documents, the only problem is that the users get access denied when trying to click on the l

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Hey Mara, sorry for the delay.

The anonymous option in the catalog settings is for the catalog in the search index and not the actual documents.

That's why users can see th

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When editing a site column on a document library or sub-site (by adding an additional choice for example) the change does not seem to get reflected up to the parent site column settings.


Is there a way to force the changes up to the parent?


If not, is the

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This has always been an issue in SP, the fact the site columns created at the top  of the collection are indistinguisable from those created at lower levels makes it very

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To my knowledge, changes made to a site column at a sub-site or application level are not intended to be passed upstream so as to preserve the integrity of SharePoint's a

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The MS TechNet article at https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt743704(v=office.16).aspx mentions Small, Medium and Large farms. Does anyone know what numerical values should be used to determine which size topology should be specified?

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There is no hard and fast rule about what you need to use to determine the size of the farm. Concurrent user count, content size, application usage, or perhaps even servi

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if anyone is searching for the resources here are some useful links:

Virtual Summit website: https://event.microsoft.com/events/2017/1705/SharepointSummit/ (reply video of... Read More

And don't miss the community discussion on the 17th! The #CollabTalk tweetjam topic will be "Feedback on the SharePoint Virtual Summit", and will run from 9am-10am PDT. Y

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Can't wait! We're also delighted to be hosting Bill Baer and Mark Kashman the week after in a Collab365 Live SharePoint Summit Reaction. Bring your questions : https://collab365.community/events/collab365-live-show-7-bill-mark/

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If you are in Chicago, come watch the event with your SharePoint community friends! We are having a viewing party at the Microsoft office in Downers Grove, IL. 



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It's going to be a great event :-)

Usually, we use excel web app to edit files on Sahrepoint. Since some files are embeded with VBA, saved as .xlsm, excel web app cannot function correctly. Therefore, system ask us if we want to open the file by excel application on local machine, and of c

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Delighted that Communication Sites became enabled on my tenant today. Can't wait to get started with them. Congratulations to the Microsoft SharePoint team.
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tell us more John, keen to hear a non-marketing view on the experience
Hi John,

What was your process to create a communication site? would love to see if they're available on my tenant.



So I have this imported lisst from excel (I exported it from Excel 2016) and added the list into my sharepoint site. I am able to see the content of the list as owner of the site. However a co-worker who is a member only, can't see it. The site

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Is version control turned on for this list? If yes, can anyone see draft versions?
Are you showing the list page or a webpart? Is there any specific views applied?
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My organisation is currently transitioning to SharePoint and Onedrive for business. Is there an option to selectively sync SharePoint folders - currently when I push sync on SharePoint, the whole directory is transferred to my computer as there is with... Read More
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I've not seen nor discovered a means of syncing sub-folders in SharePoint Online. What you're experiencing is normal behavior for SharePoint Online, and I don't believe t

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how do i activate sharepoint app from store?


it is approved but can not see in the site contents


see attached screenshot



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Does your app appear in the site contents or in the New -> App -> Apps you can add?


Although faded away ( while installing) , you should get something like this:


forms adding.PNG

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Does someone know whether 'Shredded Storage' is active for a OneNote file format (.one) in SharePoint Online? 


Best regards



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In the browser of modern ipads, the home page of modern team sites don't show a navigation of the current site. 

For example, the default documents view does show the navigation:




However, the homepage (modern page) doesn't (no hamburger menu button either

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This is currently being addressed and should be fixed very soon. It affects the landscape orientation. As a current workaround you need to use the portrait orientation

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Hi, I am looking for UK Education Data protection policy's and security information needed to show Head Teacher before we look to mirgrate all of the school data over to sharepoint. The data will have confideinalty and secure information in it about priam

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For the first part, have a look at the Microsoft Trust Center for Office 365, which covers some related topics.


For migrating data to SharePoint, that needs to be done wi

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A week ago, after some windows updates to the SP2016 farm, we noticed some libraries that get their files from email, started receiving the same file twice.


I made a test library in another site collection on the same farm and sent it a file. and it also

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