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Office 365 helps you discover new content and people relevant to the work you are doing, in context of where you are working. Alongside existing intelligent experiences like Office Delve, suggested sites in SharePoint home, the 'Discover' tab in OneDrive

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Are there any news regarding the Modern Publishing Sites that should complement the Modern Team Sites?


We're really waiting for those to be released in order to kick-off our new intranet project.


To avoid any misunderstanding I'm talking about this

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Greetings all, 


I too am wonder what the hold-up is on the New SharePoint Publishing Experience TNSPE) !


What confuses is me is this:

1. there are myriad (Microsoft) video

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I am waiting for this as well, would like to convert our Intranet to the new publishing layout if possible.  Hopefully this will be released soon.

We are in exactly the same situation, waiting on this new experience to be released before we work out what to do with our old 'intranet'. The RoadMap seems to say H1/201

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The Modern Document Library, using Internet Explorer View-In-File-Explorer funtion is not working.  To get this to work, we have to FIRST Return-To-Classic-SharePoint, then folks can get there using the Classic View method for opening in Explorer.



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You are correct, I'm seeing this too.

I believe it is a bug...

Hi guys,


I don't know if this is the appropriate channel to post something like this. If not, please redirect me to the right one.


Between yesterday and today we've noticed a new behavior in most of the O365 tenants. The new SharePoint feature “Site Pages

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Hi Enric,



We have reverted the code which causes the two features to fail activation if the other is already active. You should now be able to activate the SharePoint

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Same problem here, every automated provision following MS best practices is failling.

"Enabling" Publishing feature in a Team Site created through CSOM doesn't fails, but

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Hi Enric,

You got the right channel; a perfect use of the MS Tech Community - SharePoint. :-)

The new, modern publishing pages don't use the classic publishing infrastructu... Read More

Creating a dedicated post to track this.  Lots of discussion on this from Yammer, and havent really seen this anywhere here yet..


What is the status of new "Modern" capabilities to support structured navigation?


What structured navigation gives us today:

  • D
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@Brent Ellis (and others) - good news! We're finally pushing out a fix to support structured and managed navigation on modern pages/apps in classic sites.


With this upd

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Best Response

Thank you,+1 here! Currently the only issue completely stopping us from moving the majority of libraries to modern. Would be nice to see this in the pipeline. I guess the

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Thanks for posting this. We have turned off modern sites until the navigation is working more consistently.


I think the Modern UI should give more tools for building navi

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We turned off the new library experience until the navigation issues can be fixed, the majority of our sites are publishing sites and we cant have the navigation not work

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Same here,

We are also now focussing more on the top navigation.


Next to that for every major site collection and major themed/departemental sites wa have a home - landing

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So recently the sync button disappeared for some of our document libraries when in modern layout. 

In classic they are still there and the sync works.  It seems to be only for publishing sites.  Anyone ideas?

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We are experiencing the exact same issue...

Same here, very annoying

Exact same issue on our & customers tenant.

Do you mean that it has only disappeared in some document libraries with the modern UI? By the way, this is totally unexpected and the sync button should be displayed no ... Read More

Has their been any thought or as has anyone been able to integrate Active Directory Security Groups into Office 365 Groups?   We would find this feature extremely useful

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When I click Create New Site the classic form appear how can I activate the new creation experience?

+1 for Brent's suggestion to make Contribute the default!!!

Great info thanks!

Are there any plans to surface these sites via the SharePoint Admin portal as manipulating via Powershell is all well and good but not a simple task ?


We currenlty have t

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I have a question about the "item-level permission"-option found in list advanced settings on custom lists. Here you can choose that users can only see or edit items that they themselves have created. How secure is this option? I have noticed that all peo

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A view is just a query presenting the data, has no security applied.


Setting can only edit own items is done at permissons level so they can only edit the items they have

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Obviously a newbie question, so I'm hoping this is an easy one to answer.  I just took over a SharePoint 2016 migration (SP 2013 Std. to SP 2016 Ent.).  I understand how to get the SP Enterprise license into the server in CA, but how do you download/insta

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FYI, if you decide to extend your new 2016 farm by making a hybrid with SP Online, the users licensing will need to be reassigned for O365.


You may want to use the recent

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Hi Mike!

 I believe this link should solve some doubt: 



"In SharePoint 2016, for extranet and Int

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Hi Mike!

 I believe this link should solve some doubt: 



"In SharePoint 2016, for extranet and Int

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Hi Mike,


The SharePoint Enterprise License is just a key, and you should add it in the Central Administration Tool.

Apps4.Pro was announced as winner for 'Best SharePoint App' in Devpost Hack Productivity Hackathon. It just swept 3 out of 7 awards. I am really happy to share with you this best moment with you all. https://devpost.com/software/apps4-pro





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Any ETA on this in modern SharePoint?  Or assurance that it will be included?


We have so many search solutions, with custom display templates, so this will be another thing holding us back from adopting modern UI.

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In a client tenant, I have the CBS web part that I can deploy to Wiki/WebPart pages. However, the MasterPage Gallery is gone from site settings. How can I deploy a custom

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We have a Highlighted Content web part that addresses some of the scenarios that CBS web part addressed (although not the complete set).

Also all modern pages are hooked

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The only modernization of Search stuff that I have seen is on the Home page of the tenant (and that is not currently available for use anywhere else).


Unfortunately, the

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Hi guys! Our organization is about to switch platform from SP2010 to SP2016. Combined with this, we are also aiming at enhancing the document management process in SharePoint. Now to my question:
We want to produce a lot of content types for documents, whe... Read More
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On July 1, 2017, Microsoft will disable the ability to create new In-Place eDiscovery searches and In-Place Holds (*-MailboxSearch) in the Exchange Admin Center in Exchange Online. We’ll also disable the creation of new cases in the eDiscovery Ce

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How will we get the search results copied from an eDiscovery search into a Discovery Mailbox?


I don't see this option in the Security & Compliance center.


Losing this fun

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I assume this means Office 365 Groups and all associated services can be a part of new eDiscovery process. Can you confirm? In another words, I can target a O365G and not... Read More
Is it possible to prevent certain users from doing a particular type of eDiscovery? we've got an Exchange team that does it that is not the same as the SharePoint team th... Read More

We use in place holds to archive terminated user mailboxes for one of our delegated clients, and are concerned that this functionality will not be available moving forwar

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Thanks a lot 

Hello all -- I am admittedly not very familiar with Sharepoint - but from what I can see, it can pretty much do *anything*.


That being said - in my organization we are exploring replacing our implementation of Dropbox with Sharepoint - as we already have

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What you'd be wanting to do is to look at Office 365 Groups to be set up for each of the different teams/departments. That will allow you to apply group-level permissions

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According to the Sharepoint roadmap from Microsoft, latest presented by Jeff Teper in Geneva in early december, modern web parts on classic pages should launch in Q4 2016. Is this still to be launched before Christmas, or have I missed any announcements o

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As Sharepoint Framework now is in GA I again wonder how modern web parts are supported in classic pages. In a general article about the Framework, it says: "These client

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Actually I have seen modern web parts in 2010 and 2013. 

At the European Sharepoint conference for the hackathon two developers won based on creating that experience

It is

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Have not heard anything yet have you already tried it?



I'm trying to achieve te following:


I created a document library. In this library I created an 'enterprise keywords column' that I use to tag my documents (works very good btw). 

Next I created a new modern sharepoint page. On this page I added the Hig

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Have you tried adding multiple filters with a single value instead of one filter with multiple values?


Instead of using one filter TAGS Contains Tag1;Tag2 I think you sho

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