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If you want to binge watch all of what's new and coming to SharePoint, check out the Microsoft Mechanics SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017 demo playlist. We feature the engineers behind the technology updates across Communication Sites, OneDrive, mobile, Tea

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Cool stuffs :)

Very good stuff!!



I'd like to know more about PowerApps inside SPO: very very interesting




Great new videos and new features for SharePoint.....

So much cool new features and interfaces to take in, just wish it was available now! :)

In this thread https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint/O365-Global-Admin-has-no-access-to-recent-SharePoint-Online-site/m-p/30031#M2542 a script was posted to add a admin user as site owner to each sharepoint online (and office group) site.



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The new Communication Site templates look good. We've created two sites from the SharePoint portal ('create site') based on the two templates:

  • Topic ('if you have a lot of information to share such as news, events, and other content')
  • Showcase ('to showcase
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When I create subsites under the communication site it uses the classic template. How do i get the subsites to use the same template?

/sites and /teams depends on your setting the the Sharepoint Online admin UI. You can pick which one self-service sites are created under, and you have set it to /teams i

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the comms sites i've created are all under /sites/...

Well, I'm not surprised about new subsites being classic sites...we have the same with the modern SPO sites

I know this may sound like an obious thing, but is Sharepoint Online a good choice if you want to deposit 450k+ documents with more than 500 pages of images and text for each document?


I think this scenario screams performance hindrance on the usage.



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So if a library has the 5,000 threshold limit, how can you break that limit for SP Online? I tried doing index, but for some odd reason I can't see records beyond 1,500 a

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You'll have to consider what are the file sizes of each and in total (in Gb) of your documents if they contain 500 pages of images and text aside from how you plan to org

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Technically, in my opinion its not out of the realm of possibility, though might push some boundaries. You'd have to do some serious thinking through designing the soluti... Read More



In th new communication sites you have that "Send by email" on top of every news/page.

Is it possible to control it somehow via the settings?


Apparently it is possible to email a news to an External User and we want to avoid that.

Even if the externa

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Sorry, but this is something you cannot achieve today in Communications sites

Hi @all,


having penetrated our local SP 2013 farm we now have to deal with a Stored Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability which was found by the pentesters.


What they did:
Creating a new task element or every other list element, it was possible to paste Scrip

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Hi guys,


I am a colleague of Sven and will give you some additional input.


The site on which we can reproduce the XSS was setup with a project site template. On the homep

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What patch level is the farm at? In addition, any vulnerabilities should be reported to MSRC team for proper attention or to CERT - http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/ (or both)... Read More

@Bill Baercan you provide any guidance?



Does anyone know of a way to insert a table into a modern page? The current Text web part only seems to support limited formatting of text (bold, underline, bullet lists etc.). I was hoping to insert a table to show opening times for an office so do

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The current editor unfortunately doesn't allow adding tables. But you can copy and paste tables from another source, like Word into SharePoint mordern pages. You cannot e... Read More
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Can a user without a SharePoint Online licence access (read only) a SharePoint Online team site?




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Thanks for all of the replies. It is interesting that it is physically possible without a licence, although I guess we have to be careful as lots of things are physically

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I agree with Vasil, we found (by accident) that you could 'share' a site with an internal user without an O365 licence and even give that user edit rights. However, that'

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If they're part of your organization, you must have a license for your user regardless of level of access.

SharePoint Online doesnt really enforce license requirements, so users without license can still access content. Permissions are not dependant on the license either, if y

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If your user is not part of your organization, they can be invited to your SharePoint environment as an external user if your site collection is configred to allow that.

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So, for the past 10 years I've been reading all the best practise guides and websites and telling users not to use folders in their SharePoint document libraries because they're evil!  Structured content is what we need - meta-data, content types, differe

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Thanks all - really useful insights.

The "folders are evil" message has really not been true since SharePoint 2010, when folders gained the ability to automatically add metadata to documents. For intranet si

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I think it is again important in which context you are. Metadata are still fine for structured data and "process-driven" stuff, like documents with defined and managed li

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Yes and no. There's still a place for metadata, but it does almost appear as if the SharePoint team has given up.
The reality is no matter how well you architect your taxo... Read More

i created window agent for the end user. where the data will send to the Data list Sharepoint. The problem is, when i try to use to the window agent to the local company user account, it shown the problem that i state on the title. But when i try to use m

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My suggestion, you're using SharePoint On-Premises.

For On-Premises credentials should be defined in the following way:


using System.Net;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client
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Hi it is because you do not use the credentials in your clientcontext...

please take a look here http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/blogs/office365-how-to-connect-sharepoint-online-site-using-csom

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I am connect to the tenant with an admin account but I can't get the get-pnpsite cmdlet to return data. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-PnPSite -Includes Features.Count
Get-PnPSite : The query expression 'Param_0

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it does not reconize the parameter features.count...

what happens if you only use Get-PnPSite

Is there an easy way to remove an user who has been given direct permission (doesnt belong to any group) to a subsite with unique permissions using PowerShell in SharePoint Online? 



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You can use the following command to remove site permissions for a user.

$site = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("Site URL")
$web = $site.OpenWeb()
$oSiteGroup = $web

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No, there is not...you will have to program all the staff by yourself

Trying to understand the order people are displayed in in a search result.

Searching for staff in certain area gives me a good selection, I would like to understand the order though.

Is there a way to list them alphabetically or in any other order?

And can I

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Hi Philine,


The order that the people show up in the search results is relevance driven. I wouldn't be able to give you an exact rundown of how relevance is calcualted,

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Hi all, just after a bit of advice. I have a requirement where by all policy documents need to have a "working location" in Word Format where policy editors can edit and no other user has access. Once documents are approved they need to be then published,

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We have a restricted-access 'Policy Admin' SharePoint site where the original Word documents are kept and maintained. The primary library contains all the Word documents

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I am wondering if there is an easy way to manipulate permissions in SharePoint Online.


First I'm going to lay out my assumptions (so they can be challenged) and then some questions.


  • If a document is created in a folder it will inherit the permissions
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First bullet is correct. Second bullet is not. The way the second bullet works in SharePoint is, as you said, like "how things worked in the 'old world' of file servers w... Read More
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Your second assumption is not correct. Files inherit the permissions of their container, unless they have been explicity assigned file level perms (which is a VERY bad id

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We are using SharePoint 2016 on Prem. in the custom list  item modified by user change automatically hence tracking of the list item very difficult. 

earlier we have migrate SharePoint site 2010 to 2016 then given issue occured. even i am looking version h

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Please answer if..
I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand the scenario you are describing. Are you seeing items in a custom list change without any user activity? If so, what exactly is ch... Read More

Dear All,


I am working on a SharePoint in Office 365 solution and I have need of using “cross site publishing” features in SharePoint. Unfortunately I only have E1 subscriptions available to me at present and from my experimentation, and from this article

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It requires both creator and consumer to have E3, to have use rights when using/consuming the enterprise WCM search components - typically built into a custom portal (usi

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I have a vague memory of a discussion about this, probably it the old yammer network (:.


I think that MS stated that the people Authoring/Publishing the content would nee

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This is SharePoint Online

Within my site collection I am getting a persistent error when viewing or trying to create modern site pages


At the site collection level this works ok, it is only subsites, I have tried:


Disabling Access App

Resetting Regional set

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Hi Dan,


Are you creating a "Site Page" in the "Site Pages" library?  That's the only place I know to create modern pages.  Even site owners should be able to do this.

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Since this is totally unexpected, I think you should open a support ticket

Why did Microsoft deprecate web analytics in SharePoint online?

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Because it can be replaced by other better analytic options such as Google Analytics that can be used in your SPO sites

Does anyone know if a timeline for when modern view will be avilable for Task Lists and Calendars?  

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FYI, Calendars is halfway into Modern experience through through the Events web part.


Eager for news on task lists, though!

For Tasks, you could possibly do it by yourself. 

Just create a custom list, add the task content type and remove the other.

Should be modern, I assume (haven't tested it).

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Sorry, but we don't have an ETA for modern experiences to these lists and others such as Contacts Lists or Issues Lists

I just had my mind blown! There is the new webpart called news.  I tested it out and it is a pretty sweet web part. BUT (there is always a but). MS designed it so you can only use it once on a site. SAY WHAT??

I don't understand that, why create a web part

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Gotta start somewhere--even Microsoft is subject to iterative releases.


That said, I wanted to point out to you that the "Events" web part may help your organization ligh

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News web part can be added to any modern page from the toolbox (as any other web part). Are you referring to the fact that on a given site it will always show the same se

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Interesting...what do you mean by using only once in a site? AFAIK you can add a WebPart as many times as you want and on different pages

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that O365 Global Admins do not automatically get access to recently created Site Collections in SharePoint Online?


We have a small group of O365 Global Admins and all of us have MFA enabled.  This means that we of

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exactly i know this functionality is already longer implemented if you login as a partner but as global admin it is new but i think it is a good one.
This is expected. A Global Admin shouldn't have access to individual sites unless explicitly granted. This is also true of on-prem, where a farm administrator does not au... Read More

Hello Team,


What is the Microsoft's strategy on providing the SharePoint Usage Analytics. 


I see that many enhancements in Analytics are coming up in SharePoint Admin center & also in the site contents home page. But, I am still waiting for the enhancemen

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The Office 365 Adoption preview was to give us awesome insight in to user analytics. However MS included everything but web analytics on your intranet.   IMHO this "new"

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Check out sesssion BRK2008 - Understand your users: what's new in Office 365 Usage Reporting from Ignite. If you are using Office 365, there is a PowerBI Content Pack com

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Going from 2010 to 2013 on prem it seems that analytics have been lost. What is in store in 2016 on prem? Did we get back what we had in 2010? What are the options?

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When migrating from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online in Office 365, there is no more "Incoming E-Mail Settings" allowed on Document Libraries...

Which alternatives could be used to setup a list or site with E-mail interface, to allow attachment uploads

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We eventually used a service called Parserr to solve this problem (https://parserr.com). Cannot believe Microsoft havent addressed this yet.


They are able to parse incomi

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Hi @Marius Smith


You could use groups and email the conversations email address: 


save to library.PNG


then the save to group library is available.


Of course it would be better if this could

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The new modern team site home page looks great and new team sites get to use it.  How about existing sites?  Is there a way for a site owner to convert their site (especially the home page) to the modern team site UI?  One of my colleagues found a post to

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I'm still waiting for out-of-the-box feature to create a modern site. Currently I've realized that the only root site collection (https://<your_tenant_name>.sharepoint.co

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Is it possible to change the look and feel of a normal (in our case - home)-page in the new UI? I found this url, but actually do not know how to start...


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I'd also like to see that powershell script :P

But yeah, basically create a new modern page, add the webparts manually and save it as homepage.


Only difference I've notice

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The quick way to do this: build a new page inside the Pages library, and then use the "..." content menu option "Make Homepage" to set the new page as the default home pa... Read More

Can you please share a link to that post?

I have been using the new Modern Document Library web part for a few weeks now without issue. Suddenly yesterday around noon, any instances of the webpart I had reverted to the default view of the Library and I could never get it to go back to a non-defau

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The Document Library web part appears to be working correctly for me again.


I can once again save the Document Library web part with non-default views. Fortunately my sit

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I'm having the same problem. The web part is only showing the document librarys default view. Does anyone have any solutions or updates on what may be causing the problem

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This issue seems to have resolved itself - my Document Library web parts are once again displaying the correct views on the page. I don't think I changed anything on my e

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Two users contacted me about some weird display problems with the modern experience.  The home page didn't load and instead they saw the site pages library.  The edit exp

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