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  • , 03-22-2017

    Thank you for joining us during this fun and action-packed hour!


    We hope you'll continue to ask questions in the the Microsoft Teams Group and on the Community Blog. For feature requests please visit our UserVoice forum


    We will put together a summar

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    , 03-22-2017

    I'm so confused. How are you supposed to find out when these kinds of thigs are happening. I know we aren't going there but it was very easy in the old Yammer network.


    I see it well after the fact and do what it says and introduce my self and .... nothing.


    You have to search and search to find things like this link finally and only to find it's been over for an hour or more.


    This Network is hardly user friendly.

  • , 03-27-2017

    Hi there, what functionality do we get if we switch on Teams without the Exchange Online component?


    I appreciate it's probably best if we do with Exchange Online being in place first, but...what if, we just used Teams without it for a while?


    What function

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    , 03-29-2017
    We are on prem for Exchange and Skype and our experience testing Teams is consistent with the FAQ info. The main thing a user will notice is that they cannot use the meeting features. Initially the scheduling options are visible but if you try to use them you get an error and then the UX hides the option.
  • , 11-02-2016

    We already have a Planner group with lots of tasks underway, and want to either add that into Teams or add Teams to that Planner, but I cannot figure out how to do that. Any suggestions?

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    , 03-29-2017

    This should not be possible. There is either something broken, or there is some confusion about what you have and what things are called. Can you show us a screenshot of what you're referring to to give us a better look?

  • , 03-22-2017

    How do you assign members of a team to a specific channel (sub-teams)? 


    Is there a way to invite only members of each specific channel (using the channel's email address) to a Scheduled Meeting, without inviting the entire team?

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    , 03-29-2017

    Some thoughts


    Is there a reason the channel structure doesn't just create a subsite of the groups site, that way you could then have unique elements for that subsite/channel such as a planner board for that channel, a seperate document library, and the team could then be refined by the channel.  You could then use the inheritance functionality within sharepoint for when the subsite is created via the channel and then be able to refine the team for the specific channel.



  • When I create a meeting in Teams, it allows me to select a room. Is it possible to select a physical room here or are we only talking a digital chatroom ? (Sorry, we cannot find any building). I created two rooms in Exchange in Office 365, but they are no

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    , 03-29-2017
    You select a Roomlist, then it shows you which rooms in that list are available. So if you list represents a building, you see which rooms in that building are available. It would suck to book a room and then discover it was on another continent :)
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