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Hi All,

I am getting an error while creating Connection Set for a Project in powerappsadmin portal.


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Hi all


I'll be delivering a couple of short theatre sessions (THR2216 and THR2216R) that are focusing on behind the scenes pieces of the Windows 10/AAD/Intune components in Microsoft 365 Business. If you are planning on heading along to either of these, l

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Hi @Mark O'Shea. Unfortunately I am not able to attend Ignite but just another question then to you: how did you manage to get a demo (public preview) environment? I need

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Looking forward to your sessions! :-)


Microsoft Inspire 2017: Satya Nadella Keynote.-Pt.1-


Microsoft Inspire 2017: Satya Nadella Keynote Pt.2.The New Microsoft 365: Product Demos.


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Be sure to follow MVP Tracy Vander Schyff's 365 blog posts on Microsoft 365 at https://tracyvanderschyff.com/microsoft-365/


I'm taking her lead and doing something similar, but focusing on a handful of specific topics. Will be posting about my focus tonig

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Great stuff, that's seriously impressive, a blog a day for a whole year about Microsoft 365!  My own blogging is way more intermittent, maybe I should do something like t

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Welcome to Microsoft 365 Tech Community! Microsoft 365 Business – Empower your team, safeguard your business, and simplify IT management with a single solution, purpose-built for your business. Bringing together the familiarity of Office 365 Business Prem

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It's still impossible to get the preview of Microsoft 365 apparently. I tried that contact button that didn't work at first, it gives me a chat box with a Microsoft emplo

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Microsoft 365 Business is not equal to Microsoft 365 Essentials?

There is no URL associated to Contact Sales link...

How can I get Windows 365 preview?