Advanced Sharing in Windows 10

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In Advanced Sharing, options are like

  1. Private (Network discovery & File and printer sharing)
  2. Guest or Public (Network discovery & File and printer sharing),
  3. Domain current profile (Network discovery & File and printer sharing) &
  4. All networks (Public folder sharing & Media streaming).

I enable and disable randomly. Please elaborate, where these options are applicable.


Moreover, if any link that can elaborate it better, please share.


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Domain is when your PC is part of a domain in a company, and it is being manage by your administrator. Public is when network is not trusted and there are some restrictions on network like airport or hotel or other public Wi-Fi. Private is trusted and authorized network like home network. All network is when your changes will apply to all three types of networks.
The interesting thing I just noticed is that there is NO domain category from machines that are in AzureAD (LIke in Microsoft 365). We do not have a server and only have the AzureAD from Microsoft 365. We do not see the "domain" option...
Thank you for sharing, when you connected with Azure AD, it more like you are connected to internet than being part of the company, so you have option of public and private network and Azure does have some security mechanism to create a secure connection. However, you are always welcome to file a feedback and request features.