Windows 10 Networking issues.

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Here's my issue.  I have three Windows 10 machines and a Windows 7 machine.  The Windows 7 machine can see all of the Windows 10 machines.  The Windows 10 machines can all see the Windows 7 machine. The Windows 10 machines can't see each other and they don't show up in networks folder.  I have verified all the advanced sharing is correct and I can ping each machine from the others. Is there a solution?  I can't see a shared printer either.

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All machines are domain joined or workgroup based? 

All machines are workgroup based.
Please make sure the workgroup name is the same in all machines and the network discovery option is enabled on Windows 10 machines.
They are all on the same workgroup and discovery in enabled on all.

Hi @joelarrabee ,


It might be a configuration issue on Windows 10's firewall (Windows Defender Firewall).

To configure permission to File and Printing Service over the SMB, follow the steps below:

  • Search and launch windows firewall from the Start menu's search box, and select the Allow an app through Windows Firewall.
  • From Windows Defender Firewall, identify File and Printing ServiceFile and Printing Service over SMBDirect, Allow for Private and Public network as exhibit in below screenshots.

Configuring Windows Defender Firewall's Allowed AppsConfiguring Windows Defender Firewall's Allowed AppsAllowing File and Printing Service from Windows Defender FirewallAllowing File and Printing Service from Windows Defender Firewall