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We have implemented the Time Sheet feature of PWA to track actual time spent on projects.   We would like to decouple actual time entered from changing either timelines or percentage complete.  Is there anyway to configure Time Sheets to just capture actual time spent and not automatically modify the project plan in anyway?   Put simply time sheets are a method of capturing time spent for reporting purposes and not to reflect project progress.



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NSocci --

The whole purpose of the Timesheet feature in PWA is to allow team members to enter their time and task progress so that the project manager does not need to do this in the Microsoft Project schedule. So, your usage of the Timesheet page is really non-standard.

The only way you could accomplish your goal would be to enable Top Level Reporting for use with the Timesheet page. To do this, your application administrator needs to log into PWA and to navigate to the Timesheet Settings and Defaults page. In the Default Timesheet Creation Mode section of the page, select the Current Projects option, and then click the Save button.

From this point forward, team members will not see any tasks on their Timesheet page; instead, they will see only the names of the projects to which they are assigned. They will be able to enter time against the project as a whole, but not against any individual task. If you implement this solution, your project managers will need to manually enter all task progress in their Microsoft Project schedules. Hope this helps.

Hello @NSocci ,

Do you have the "Single Entry Mode" option set on the "Timesheet Settings and Defaults" page? If so, Uncheck that, that way the updates from the Timesheet do not create Task Status updates.


Paul --

Good call. I totally forgot about that! Thanks for correcting me. :)

No worries @Dale_HowardMVP :smile: 

@NSocci Did removing the Single Entry Mode option give you what you needed?

@Paul Mather    Thanks for checking in.   We are still exploring both options.   I'll let you know the outcome.