Project Web App: Power BI Templates for Timesheet Data?

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Hi Tech Community,

 I'm relatively new to PWA and creating reports in Power BI


I have created a couple of custom reports with Power BI, using the OData source and I'm now looking to build a report based on Timesheet data and monthly activity for different resources. 


I'm just wondering if any Power BI templates have already been made available for this purpose?

I downloaded and installed the Project Web App Power BI reporting extension but that didn't seem to include any Timesheet Specific ones.


I note that there are a bunch of Tables in the OData specifically pertaining to the Time Sheets, so I’m currently investigating that :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: one challenge is that my PWA environment is in French and so all my table names are in French and differ greatly in nomenclature to the English references sited in the forums.


Thanks in advance for any insight and comments,




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Hello @LisaGaillard ,

A Power BI report template for Project Online that I created back in 2017 includes some Timesheet reports: 

Hopefully that might help


@Paul Mather

Thank you very much! that's very helpful,  I really appreciate all your support.

I'm having to rebuild quite a lot of elements as I thought it would be best to install PWA & Power BI to match my enterprises regional language settings, which means that all my OData tables are in French and subsequently don't match with the English nomenclature in the templates/data sets, but that’s okay I’m finding my way around  :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: