PWA Approval centre : Task & Time sheets, change approver to another admin

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Hello Community,

 please could you help me to identify how can I change the named approver of tasks and time sheets to enable me to specifiy another user (who is already an admin) ?


Currently I am the only person that can approve tasks and timesheets for all users and I will be leaving the company soon so need to transfer this to my fellow project manager co-worker & PWA admin


I have duely changed the following

  • changed Project Owner to the person who will replace me 
  • added named users as responsible for time sheet  approvals in PWA timesheet settings 
  • added named users as responsible for a ressources time sheet in the PWA resources settings for all team members
  • I have checked that the named user (admin) that will replace me has the permission to 'approve task updates' in the security & permissions section for that user. 
  • note: we are using single entry mode for Timesheet and task updates 

Having done all of that, when a resource updates a task, those updates are still appearing in my approval centre view and not in the approval centre view of named user that will replace me when I leave the company soon.


I checked out the customise  workflow documentation but I 'am unable to find where the tasks updates workflow specifiy who should approve task updates for all projects on our PWA! 


thank you for your time and your help :) 



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Lisa --

Do the following:

1. Log into PWA with Administrator permissions and then navigate to the PWA Settings page.
2. In the Time and Task Management section of the page, click the Timesheet Managers link.
3. On the Timesheet Managers page, add the people whom you want to approve Timesheets.

Next, ask the new Owner to open each of his/her enterprise projects in Microsoft Project and then do the following in each project:

1. Apply the Gantt Chart view.
2. Right-click on the Duration column header and select Insert Column on the shortcut menu.
3. In the list of available columns, select the Status Manager column.
4. Specify his/her own name for EVERY task in the Status Manager column.
5. Hide the Status Manager column.
6. Save and publish the project.

Regarding the second set of steps, these steps must be performed by the new project Owner. They cannot be performed by you. Hope this helps.

Adding another point to what Dale said. If there are more projects, the status manger field can be updated using programmatically using either CSOM/JSOM rather doing manually for each project.

The below url can help you wih the required code.

- Rajkumar A
Thank you Dale for your help and support,
apologies for the delayed reply, I haven't been able to test this yet due to co-worker vacations, however I'm sure that following your advice that's going to work :)

Thank you again
Thanks for that additional information, I haven't tried it out yet but I'm sure thats going to be very useful for projects with a lot of data :)
Thanks again