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I'm creating a powerapp that based on the answer it creates a type of project, but I want to automate it, I try with flows but it only creates the project and some tasks and I need that it creates a type of project with his respective template. I already have some type of projects and his respectives templates so I want to take advantage of these, is there a way we can automate this? Thanks

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@Daniel BustamanteAssuming you're talking about Project Online, the standard connector for PO in Power Automate doesn't allow you to specify the EPT, but you can achieve this with the SharePoint connector using the "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint" action.

See the screenshot below for an example.

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Hi @Daniel Bustamante ,

You can do this using Power Automate - see an example flow below:

Also here is a project request process example using Forms, SharePoint and Power Automate: