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Hello everyone,


I'm working on project for the web + Project accelerator (model driven).

When a project request is approved, a flow copy all the data in a project, and a tab "tasks" linked to P4W is created.

By default, the list of tasks is empty.


I'm looking to automatically have a pre-filled list of tasks when a project request is accepted and transformed in project.

I created a P4W template, with assignments, dependencies, durations. But I can't find a way to copy these information in a new P4W.


I tried :

-To create a power automate flow, creating new row in the Project dataverse table, but row creations/update isn't allowed by MS

-To manually copy template's tasks to a new P4W, but dependencies & assignments doesn't copy

-To manually copy project template to a new P4W, but then I cannot link this P4W to my project in project accelerator


Do you have any solution ?


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