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In SharePoint Online we have automatic storage management and was looking to confirm if this is something that is available also for OneDrive.  We have checked the OneDrive Admin Center but do not see a similar option not sure if PowerShell may be the way or perhaps this is something that may be coming in the future as an enhancement.  If someone has insights that will be great,  thanks!

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Sharepoint storage management is excluded for onedrive! You can change the default quota in the onedrive admin center but you can’t “pool” this storage ( transfer to pool or other accounts)

Adam is correct!
Thank you all, appreciate it!

OD Quota cannot be pooled but you can still Increase the quota for a specific user. Provided the current limit for this user is less than the max permitted by the License. 


Set-SPOSite -Identity <user's OneDrive URL> -StorageQuota <quota>