Storage Metrics page needs to include Recycle Bin

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Within OneDrive for Business online, all users are able to open settings, and check their storage metrics to see where their space is being used.
As of now, there is a significant oversight in that the Recycle Bin is not included in this Storage Metrics view. If you have retention enabled, and items are being moved into the "preservationholdlibrary" instead of being actually deleted, that alternate library shows up with no issue here in the Storage Metrics area. But the recycle bin, despite the files within there still contributing to your storage quota, is not accessible from the Storage Metrics view.
What will it take to fix this?

Outlook Online has a similar storage utilization page, and that shows you how much space your deleted items are taking up. So why not OneDrive?

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Having the same issue here. And the Recycle Bin in my case is taking up most of the storage due to mass (on purpose) deletions, but nearly impossible to navigate the recycle bin, or see the quota storage used. I really hope MS picks this up.