Sync Issue: OneDrive is 1TB, HD is 500GB

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Firstly I’d like to thank you in advance for your assistance and support. It’s trielt appreciated.

OK. So the company I work for is getting rid of users’ personal “home” drive and will be replacing it with OneDrive for business, where the users are to then store all their files. The users’ laptops have a HD of 500gb and I can already see the problems at hand. Users synchronize their OneDrive with Windows Explorer where at the beginning, all files are still in the cloud and the blue cloud icon is showing next to the file in Windows Explorer, until the user opens the file at which point it is saved locally and the cloud icon turns into a green check mark. PCs which are always connected to the internet this is obviously not an issue.

- Users can only sync up to 500GB with Windows Explorer due to the HD being only 500gb. What happens when the user has more than 500gb in their OneDrive?

- is there a way to set/limit/quota the OneDrive storage to ensure that the user cannot upload more than 300gb for example?

- what other options do I have? What solutions are available for such a scenario?

Thank you so much,

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The HDD < 1TB scenario is completely normal. In fact one could have many TB of OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox etc combined storage. Just because they're synchronised doesn't mean that all files are present locally. If you try to keep too much local then you'll just get warned that you have insufficient space and an opportunity to free up space.