Share folder with diferent permissions on subfolders

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Hello everyone,


The question is about sharing folders on the OneDrive.
I have a main folder, which will be shared, and within that there are two sub folders, one that would only be for viewing and the other for editing. Is it possible to make this kind of sharing?

This is supposed to be with a external person and i didn't want to share the sub folders separately avoiding them to have to save and confirm the two links.

Thank you

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No, sorry! You set the permissions on the root folder level and it will be inherited to the two sub folders

Not even on SharePoint?
Well yes! It’s possible! Just be careful! Normal Sharing itself can be confusing managing:
Share the root folder with edit in SP
Go to manage permission and advanced
Here you can break inheritance! You will see the users you shared with here! Select the users and set read permissions for example

For clearance:
Break the inheritance within the shared folder! The user you shared with will have the permissions you set while sharing for all files and folders here. When you break it all permissions the folder you wish to change to read only for example and go to manage permissions - advanced! Click the user and then add permissions - change to read