Share and collaborate with Forms

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Being able to share our form so we can collaborate with other people (add, edit, modify, see the results).

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That's an important feature. Two teachers teaching the same class should both be able to edit the form and see the results.
Yes - we need to be able to share forms between multiple teachers.
This would really make it easier to have our teachers collaborate easier. Having one teacher create a form for a class then share that with other teachers that teach the same subject would be great.
I vote for this too! Would be very useful.
I couldn't agree more on this one. We have several faculty that collaborate and one does the quiz and another does the reporting graphs ect. This would allow both teachers to use the backend part without having to recreate the same thing another teacher has done. I think a simple share this form option so another account can import it and start editing it. So i can see value in both but allowing two people to edit and work on the same quiz. Also I see value you in taking a quiz from someone else and copying the quiz. This would allow someone to take what was already built and copy and edit it.
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We understand that form and result sharing is a top ASK from most of our users and it is currently at the top of our Todo list.
Indeed, not having this feature is really a set back, and affects my ability to "sell" this app to teachers in my district.

I just started using Forms and love the simplicity of creating questions and viewing results compared to the surveys I used to make on Sharepoint. However, and it's a big however, the functionality really falters when I'm not able to easily share results with others. I often create surveys for use by our school leadership team and it's really tough when I can't easily give them access to the results. I look forward to this feature.



Yes this would be very helpful.  Teachers would like to be about to share their Forms with Administration etc.

Not just result sharing I want to be able to create a form and give it to my teachers to use from their own account, so they can get the results rather than them all going to me.

Another feature that would be really helpful is to create a form (a quiz) and be able to share it so that it can be rused by other teachers in their class. So basically it should be great if you can copy a form as a teacher and make that teacher the new owner of the copy. As it is now, the teacher who created the initial form is the sole owner of that form.
Need to be able to save the form and its associated spreadsheet on OneDrive AND more importantly to be able to duplicate the form and share it with a colleague who can then use it / modify it as they wish.

Actually, thanks a lot to Microsoft Team. Since my post, Forms have made great advance. Its getting better, it's great. Thanks !