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It would be really helpful to have the ability to share access to a Form's results page without giving access to edit the form. Currently the 'Collaborate' link is the only way I can see to give someone access to the results (not just the summary), but it also allows them to edit the form.

I have shared the collaborate link with some colleagues who need to be able to access and export the results without going through me every time. However, they also need to complete the form regularly with our clients and I've had multiple instances of them using the collaborate link by mistake and starting to edit the questions instead of filling in the survey through the main link.


There is also no version history which makes it very difficult to reset the questions that have been overwritten. I've sent multiple reminders, but if I could give them access to the results alone that would solve all!

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@MaliceM you can vote for the ability to give access to results but not to edit the form at


And you can vote for the ability to restore a previous version at


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Thanks Rob, much appreciated. Did a brief search for those but clearly wasn't looking in the right place :thumbs_up: