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Hi have been using forms for a while now. I have a form with 100 plus people using it daily. Ive just sent the link to new staff and its saying that it won't work on their phone. Its the same phone everyone uses.
All use outlook 365 on their phones. Is it an uodate issue or something?
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A bit more detailed information about the error they receive would be nice. If I had a guess you have the form set to only staff to fill out in your org, and they may have cached creds for another login?


I'm sorry, I can't find how/where to post this as a new item, but we just sent out a survey for about 400 people and it looks like 80 were able to respond before people started getting the error message below.


"Sorry, something went wrong" - Please try again.

Technical Detail - Session id: faf3e6d8-c0bf-4296-a401-0e0d184127a1, Correlation id: cd916126-4611-4dce-8363-7d5c915ad7f6


Our IT department says they don't support Microsoft Forms and to just create a new survey with a different tool, but that seems ridiculous.  This is TIME SENSITIVE, so I am hopeful that there's some guidance here.  Thanks!

Hi @Elisha-GMI 


Sounds like a technical issue on Microsoft's end. 


Your IT guys can log a ticket with Microsoft, although the Microsoft staff on this site are pretty responsive when they see this stuff crop up to report it to the tech team.


You may also find that the issue resolves itself in time. Check the form every so often and try again!




There is a problem with ATP and hyperlinks. When you enabled safe links in ATP then you can get an error by opening a link sent to you.


The link can work in the Outlook client or the new version of the webmail.


I hope this can help.