Forms Auto-save not working on enterprise PCs

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Hello, we are part of a large enterprise having set up a small tenant to explore and learn ahead of a major migration.  We have on-prem Active Directory and our work computers are connected using those credentials.  The tenant is using different credentials (e.g.


We can open Microsoft Forms and create whatever we like.  Sharing with anyone else, regardless of settings, does not work--- all they see is the default template.  If more questions are added, the new question is visible but only at the default settings.  This is true using both IE & Chrome.


If I have a user access Forms using their work computer off the corporate network (e.g. at home, no VPN), same issue.


However, if I access the tenant from my home non-enterprise PC, no VPN, all works as expected and I can customize the form and distribute.  Now, FYI, my home PC is connected to a different domain controller (my home lab, most GPOs are OOTB).


Since there isn't a desktop client, I am not aware how to look at or download logs for troubleshooting.


Is there some GPO or firewall rule that would prevent Forms from autosaving?

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