Share forms for collaboration using your Microsoft account
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Collaboration has long been a highly anticipated feature for many Microsoft account holders. We are thrilled to announce that you can now share your forms for collaboration using your Microsoft account, allowing you to easily work together with friends and family on forms related to your daily life, such as planning events, coordinating family activities, and organizing gatherings.


To help you better use this feature, we’ll use party invitation as an example. Imagine you're planning a pool party at your place this summer and inviting friends to join for a fun gathering.


Share a form to collaborate
Preparing a party alone can be tiring, so you decide to collaborate with your friend Allen. You'll manage the food at this party, and Allen will handle the activities. Simply click the "..." icon in the upper right corner to create and share a collaboration link with Allen. This allows both of you to work on your respective parts together.


Share collaborate link with othersShare collaborate link with others

Collaborators work on the form and check response

As a collaborator, Allen can edit the invitation just like you can. He can add or remove questions, change styles, send out the invitation, and more. The initials of collaborators currently making edits will appear at the top of the form.


Initial icon in collaborationInitial icon in collaboration

Once everyone has submitted the invitation, Allen can review the results page to see which activities people prefer for the party and adjust his plans accordingly. If he needs more detailed analysis, he can also check individual response and download the responses into Excel.


Collaborators check the result pageCollaborators check the result page

Permission control

Collaborators must sign in with their Microsoft accounts to open the collaborate link (work or school accounts cannot access the collaborate links created via Microsoft account).

To stop users from collaborating on your form, you can select the trash can button next to the collaboration link to disable collaboration.


Disable collaborationDisable collaborationJust visit now to start collaborating with your friends and family!


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