User not able to create booking page

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I have a user in my organization who is not able to create a booking page. Every time they attempt to create page, they get the attached error message. They have tried different browsers and I have ensured we have Bookings enabled for our organization. I have seen a couple posts of people with this same issue, but with no solution. Just wondering if there is anything we can do to resolve this.



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I have the exact same message, I am able to use an existing booking page I have previously create and clone it and make modifications to it and use it successfully, but I have the same error message as you. The service is enabled in my O365 licence

@Roland_Aguinaga is this happening only with a specific user? And has the experience been consistent from the beginning? 


Can you please check if the user has a valid Bookings license and if they are not prevented by policy from creating new booking pages?


If the issue persists, can you please raise a support ticket? Capturing a network trace and sharing it in the ticket will help identify the issue.