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  • , 02-01-2017

    Update: The AMA Summary is posted! View in the Word Document or Sway


    Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback during this fun and action-packed hour.  


    We will put together a summary document of what was covered during and sh

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    , 02-07-2017

    The AMA Summary is posted! View in the Word Document or Sway


    Thank you for joining us. We hope to see you next time!



  • , 12-15-2016

    Over the past year, OneDrive has evolved at a rapid pace introducing new features for end users and IT, across sync, web, and mobile. As the number of users and usage continues to grow, our customers have asked for an easier way to administer their compan

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    , 03-10-2017
    Hi Neil,

    I don't have an exact date but we're getting closer! We've fixed the bug from our last round of validation and we're not getting ready to validate again. Assuming we find no issues, we'll be rolling out soon. If we do find an issue though, we'll obviously have to go through this loop again. 

    Sorry for the delay here! I'm thinking of throwing a party once we get everything straightened out ;)

    Stephen Rice

    OneDrive Program Manager II
  • , 03-22-2017

    We would like to send an email invitation to new users with a link using the odopen:// . When a user clicks on the link they get the MS Outlook Security Notice warning, which is not optimal. Can anyone tell me how to prevent that message box in this scena

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  • sharing-doc-onedrive-default-link-showing.PNG

    This is new and is worrying lots of users trying to quickly share docs which the presume will remain confidential within OneDrive for Business

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    15 Replies
    , 03-22-2017

    Hi @Christopher Graves,


    Sorry for the delay in responding to this. I had to ask around the team a bit to see what is going on. The short version is that anonymous links don't explicitly support download today. We do want to light this scenario up eventually but we have some other link improvements that are already on-going that take precedence. Thanks for the feedback!


    Stephen Rice

    OneDrive Program Manager II

  • , 01-25-2017

    For years, you have been able to sync your OneDrive (and SharePoint) documents to your PC, which lets you work on the go while still being able to collaborate with others in Office. This integration was powered by the previous generation OneDrive for Busi

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    4 Replies
    , 03-22-2017

    Unfortunately, this isn't working for me. The OneDrive client warns me it couldn't merge the changes in two files, and gives me the option to open them in Office so I can review and merge the changes. When I click to resolve the issue, the files open in their respective application (Word or Powerpoint), but there aren't any pending changes to be merged.

  • , 03-21-2017

    Having issues with Iphone users and OD4B, some report the app requests sign in on each startup, and once logged in all the files are "gone"(not in recycle bin either). Using the sharepoint app waffle for onedrive works just fine and the files are folders

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    4 Replies
    , 03-22-2017
    One user reports that a OD4B update was pushed to his iPhone last night.

    problem resolved, go figure.
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