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  • , 12-15-2016

    Over the past year, OneDrive has evolved at a rapid pace introducing new features for end users and IT, across sync, web, and mobile. As the number of users and usage continues to grow, our customers have asked for an easier way to administer their company OneDrive settings and policies. Today, we’re excited to announce the rollout of the OneDrive admin center preview to First Release customers and we want to hear your feedback.


    Once deployed to your tenant, all tenant and SharePoint admins will have permissions to access the OneDrive admin center preview at https://admin.onedrive.com.


    Key features by section include:

    1. Home: This is the dashboard for the admin center and will soon show recent Office 365 Message Center posts and usage reporting related to OneDrive for Business.
    2. Sharing: This section helps admins gain control over how and with whom your users are sharing information. This includes controlling the use of external sharing and anonymous links, as well as limiting which external domains users can share with.
    3. Sync: Admins can block syncing of specific file types and deny syncing to non-domain joined PCs.
    4. Storage: This section allows admins to easily set default storage limits and document retention durations.
    5. Device Access: This gives admins control over how and from where a user can access their files. This includes allow/deny access from personal devices or specific networks as well as rich Mobile Application Management Intune policies for iOS and Android.
    6. Compliance: Admins can find quick links to the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center for key scenarios like auditing, data loss prevention, retention, and eDiscovery.

    Please have a look at the preview and provide us your feedback and comments below. Our plan is to begin the generally available rollout later next month and subsequently add a link from the Office 365 admin center.


    Thank you!


    Stephen Rose

    Director, OneDrive Product Marketing

    , 01-18-2017

    Hi David - meanwhile to get a headstart in debugging this issue - could you run this get-spotenantsyncclientrestriction cmdlet in your SharePoint Online Management shell? (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn917453.aspx)


    This will let us know if the policy is configured on the service. 

  • , 01-18-2017

    In doing deployment testing with the NextGen client v17.3.6743.121 and Team Site sync takeover we get a followup dialog stating "Finish Installing Sync Icons." This is related to the new icon overlays and requires elevated priviledges to finalize. 


    Does anyone know (or read) whether this priviledge level will be a requirement at GA release? The sync engine itself installs in user space. If so, will there be a stand alone install pack for the icons that can be scripted. I'm not actually expecting anyone to have the definative answer at this time, but does anyone know if there's any documentation that covers this issue in an enterprise deployment scenario. 

    1 Reply
    , 01-19-2017

    The problem is that Windows has a hard limit of 15 icon overlays and therefore various programs compete for them. In particular, Dropbox is very aggressive in hijacking the icon overlays.

    Unfortunately, the registry key for overlays needs administrative privilege to be accessed: hence the "Finish Installing Sync Icons" dialog and the privilege elevation request.

    I don't know if this problem ill be solved in the GA release, but I am afraid it can't...

  • Hi,


    I posted about this in the SharePoint community, but no responses there. As this is actually a problem with the Onedrive NGSC, maybe that was the wrong place to ask?



    This is the long read. If you want the latest update, it's posted at the end. Onedrive seems to hang on files, but I have no idea how to investigate this and solve it.





    Is there a central troubleshoot topic for sync issues, and are there do's and don'ts when syncing SharePoint libraries to multiple computers and multiple users?


    My clients are 2 users in one teamsite, that contains 3 seperate libraries. Each libraries contains multiple folders. One of those libraries contains client cases , so each folder represents a case and has sub folders like "source files", "letters", etc.


    My clients report that starting today, the NGSC (preview) does not download new files. Yet uploading seems to be no problem. This seems to happen on multiple computers (and thus under two user accounts)


    I'm yet to investigate, but they don't mention that the sync client shows error messages about it.


    1. I have no clue where to start investing this as uploading seems fine?

    2. The searches on internet give me support articles with basic "end user" troubleshoot steps. Are there more in-depth troubleshoot articles for IT Pro's?

    3.  Are there do's and don'ts when syncing complete libraries (and thus working in it) with multiple users and to multiple computers, that Microsoft doesn't share publicly? Lessons learned?


    Prior to Office 365 my clients used one Dropbox personal account and synced those on multiple computers. No (serious) sync problems I know of. When they migrated to Office 365 their first idea was to use one Onedrive for Business and share that with they other. I convinced them that their files are "company files" and thus belong in a teamsite they both have access to. 


    At first they used the horrible Groove. Last month I desperately installed the NGSC Preview with Sharepoint sync to minimize the sync errors. Now again they have an issue. I'm afraid they rather go back to Dropbox if they keep getting these problems. Unless I can tell them why it happens and what we can do to minimize it from happening!


    ------ UPDATE 1/16/2017 ----------


    Today I investigated this issue. There are some 58+ photo's in a subfolder of a subfolder of a subfolder of a document library. The photo's are uploaded by another computer and can be found in the Office 365 SharePoint portal. So the files are uploaded. The client that has this issue just doesn't sync it to this computer.


    The Onedrive client has been restarted frequently. It keeps giving these two statusses:

    - There are files being updated in Onedrive (rough translation from dutch: Er worden bestanden bijgewerkt in OneDrive...)

    - Processing changes (Wijzigingen verwerken)

    - The list of files to process is empty. At some moments there are a few files and then they disappear from the list. It's unclear if these files are really being updated. They are not the 58+ files.

    - Processing changes is either taking a very long time or it is stuck.


    I tried the folowing:

    - Placed a Word document in the user's Onedrive for Business folder. This file got uploaded/synced by the sync client successfully. Edited the document in Word Online. Changes were successfully synced back.

    - Placed a Word document in the local sync folder of the 58+ Photo's. This document synced to online portal, got edited there and changes were synced back.

    - Downloaded one of the photo's from the portal to the users download folder. RENAMED it and stored it in the user's local folder of the 58+ photo's. The photo synced back to online.



    - Onedrive is syncing files.

    - There is no issue with the photo being to big or long filename.


    What I want to do:

    - See a log file of Onedrive, telling me what is taking so long?

    - Clear a cache or whatever to get Onedrive going.


    Last option:

    - Reset onedrive.... but that is not a solution imho.


    Any ideas?



    ---- UPDATE 1/17/2017 -----

    I made a service request and contacted Microsoft. The issue is a general issue with the Onedrive for Business NGSC version 1212. The Onedrive for Business folder is synced fine, but SharePoint libraries are not. The are investigating it and hope to deliver a solution as soon as possible.


    10 Replies
    , 01-18-2017

    Just letting everyone know that Microsoft have now told me that this is a backend issue and you can now monitor the progress updates in the Sharepoint Admin portal, as it is showing as degraded. See below


    Office Admin center - Service health

    SharePoint Online service is degraded  
    SP90878 - SharePoint Features - Restoring service
    Restoring service - 19 Jan 2017 7:21 a.m.

    Title: Next Generation Sync Client issue
    User Impact: Users may be unable to sync their team site files using the Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe).
    More info: Affected users may observe that the sync client is in a persistent state of "processing changes" when syncing SharePoint team sites. The folder structure is correctly updated; however, the files themselves may not sync correctly.
    Current status: The deployment of the fix is now in progress and is expected to reach the majority of affected systems within 24 hours. Users will begin to experience service restoration as the fix propagates throughout the environment.
    Scope of impact: A few customers have reported this issue, and our analysis indicates that this issue may potentially affect any of your users attempting to sync team sites. This issue only affects the OneDrive.exe client. The Groove.exe client is unaffected.
    Start time: Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 2:12 PM UTC
    Preliminary root cause: An update intended to resolve a previously existing issue with processing incoming service requests inadvertently impacted the ability to sync team sites.
    Next update by: Thursday, January 19, 2017, at 7:00 PM UTC
  • , 01-18-2017

    When using the Sites function of the OneDrive android app, we find that if you look at the default “Documents” library of Site1 then look at the “Documents” library of Site2 then the app shows the files from Site1 (both the sites concerned being modern team group/sites).  This keeps happening consistently until the app has its data and cache cleared.  The problem then re-occurs – the files in the document library of the first site you look at are sticky when you look at other document libraries on other sites.  I assume the app is trying to intelligently cache the library called “Documents”!  The problem has been reproduced on two separate android devices, on two separate O365 accounts. Both OneDrive for Android V4.8 and V4.8 (December Beta 3) exhibit the same behaviour. All the usual forcing stop, clearing the cache, unistalling the app, re-installing, etc. have been tried.  The problem doesn't occur on OneDrive for iOS. Apologies if this is not the place to post about Android apps. Any ideas? Thanks.



    1 Reply
    , 01-18-2017
    We use modern sites, Groups and Teams. I haven't been able to replicate this issue on my Android running v4.8 of the client.
    Have you tested with another Android device or even another user?
  • I am running into a situation where I have a terminated employee, and OneDrive kicks off its automatic process of making the listed manager the Admin of the account thus granting access to the OneDrive.


    My question is after I get to this point, how is the "manager" supposed to download the files and move them to their OneDrive?


    The only way I have found is to download one file at a time and then upload to another OneDrive, and this isn't a very efficient method.


    Any ideas or thoughts?



    3 Replies
    , 01-18-2017
    Other alternatives:
    (1) Build a PowerShell script that copies files from one ODFB to another one.
    (2) Use SPFilezilla
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