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  • , 12-15-2016

    Over the past year, OneDrive has evolved at a rapid pace introducing new features for end users and IT, across sync, web, and mobile. As the number of users and usage continues to grow, our customers have asked for an easier way to administer their company OneDrive settings and policies. Today, we’re excited to announce the rollout of the OneDrive admin center preview to First Release customers and we want to hear your feedback.


    Once deployed to your tenant, all tenant and SharePoint admins will have permissions to access the OneDrive admin center preview at


    Key features by section include:

    1. Home: This is the dashboard for the admin center and will soon show recent Office 365 Message Center posts and usage reporting related to OneDrive for Business.
    2. Sharing: This section helps admins gain control over how and with whom your users are sharing information. This includes controlling the use of external sharing and anonymous links, as well as limiting which external domains users can share with.
    3. Sync: Admins can block syncing of specific file types and deny syncing to non-domain joined PCs.
    4. Storage: This section allows admins to easily set default storage limits and document retention durations.
    5. Device Access: This gives admins control over how and from where a user can access their files. This includes allow/deny access from personal devices or specific networks as well as rich Mobile Application Management Intune policies for iOS and Android.
    6. Compliance: Admins can find quick links to the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center for key scenarios like auditing, data loss prevention, retention, and eDiscovery.

    Please have a look at the preview and provide us your feedback and comments below. Our plan is to begin the generally available rollout later next month and subsequently add a link from the Office 365 admin center.


    Thank you!


    Stephen Rose

    Director, OneDrive Product Marketing

    , 02-20-2017

    Hi Stephen - I'm back pressing for any update. Very keen to see this feature.

  • What would be the best course of action to block NGSC on shared PC's. We use the Office deployment tool via SCCM to install Office 365 ProPlus. If I'm correct NGSC is included?


    But we would like to disable it, not on a user level but on groups of shared PC's, otherwise these disks will fill up.


    Can this be done through policies in the registry or through the Office deployment tool?





    1 Reply
    , 02-20-2017
  • , 02-20-2017

    What happens if a new employee gets a computer with the NGSC installed, they have not visited O365 (so they don't have a ODfB site created) and they put files into the folder on their computer?


    Will the sync process cause the creation of the ODfB site or will it fail because the site does not exist? 

    4 Replies
    , 02-20-2017
    By the way, the client starts doing something when you specify your O365 I guess you will an error if the user is not poperly licensed
  • , 02-14-2017


    We are looking to increase the retention days for a leavers OD4B, what we are looking for though is once the users account has been deleted and the user profile job kicks off, something which will stop all of the files in the leavers OD4B from being shared both internally and externally. Ideally for this process to be automated for each leaver. This way if there is an important file in a users OD4B which is being shared with some users it will not be deleted as we have longer than the default retention days but when a user logs a ticket to advise they no longer can access the file we can first advise the file needs to be moved to a group and then secondly move it to a different location so not data is lost. 

    Has anyone done this or know of anyway over removing all sharing for a leavers OD4B? 



    2 Replies
    , 02-20-2017

    Thanks Dean, I will take look at this, much appreciated. 

  • Like Groove previously, will the OneDrive NGSC (onedrive.exe) be deployable through Office ProPlus in the future? Furthermore, will updates be managed by ProPlus/Office Deployment Tool to allow for managed deployments rather than clients reaching out to the internet?


    As an enterprise customer, you can understand why we would rather download the bits once and deploy via ODT/SCCM for ProPlus including the OneDrive client.


    Furthermore, can OneDrive be deployed with Office 2013 ProPlus?

    2 Replies
    , 02-20-2017
    The NGSC has its own update mechanism, looking 1 time the day, if Microsoft has released a new version and will update itself.
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