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Not sure what is going on but with the admin centre now if you raise a service request I can only request that someone calls me.  Then aside from that I cannot raise a second request until that one has been closed.


Also the View Service requests just take

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I asked our TAM @ Microsoft in the past and I got this answer. "Its a big difference between Professional Support and Premier Support. If you want to be business ready yo

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I have just had it confirmed whilst on a call to support that this is the case, it is now limited to 1 service request at a time per admin!

Does anyone know what the implications are of changing the Name field under Settings > Organization Profile? This link suggests that it truly is just for "display" purposes making me think there should be little to no issue with changing this.

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No implications, just information about your organization...changing the name here is not going to change tenant internal name is that what you mean

Office 365 Weekly Digest | April 16 - 22, 2017


Lots of new features for Outlook, Office 365 Groups and OneNote Class Notebook are included in last week’s Message Center notifications, as well as an update to the OneDrive and SharePoint Online sharing ex

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Office 365 Weekly Digest | April 9 - 15, 2017


What’s new in Office 365 ProPlus and several new Data Governance features popped up in the Message Center last week, but not to be outdone – Yammer announced the long-awaited edit post feature!  I have also

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Office 365 Weekly Digest | April 2 - 8, 2017


Updates to Office 365 Groups, Planner and Project Online highlight last week’s Message Center notifications. Also, a reminder that support for Directory Synchronization (DirSync) and Azure AD Sync ends on Apr

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When for example trying to remove the Skype for Business plan, i always get this error:
Skjermbilde 2017-04-09 kl. 21.11.29.png
Same with for example exchange, but for some reason there is no error when doing the same with Yammer.
Any idea?  When trying to manualy remnove exhange from a user in
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Looks OK to me, but havent run the actual code. I suspect the LicenseOptions variable is somehow broken. What happens if you flip the SfB service for that user by just ru

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Hi Everyone,


We have a Business essentials license for office 365. Trying to implement the pending actions as per the secure report. However, I am unable to find the options under Office Admin Centre to fix the below issues.


1. Enable Data Loss Prevention

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Hi John,


You can find below details of your queries:


1. Enable Data Loss Prevention Policies-Advanced Action: Data Loss Prevention feature is not available in Office 365

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Actions from Secure Score aren't absolutes, they are items to be reviewed and possibly implemented depending on the particular environment.  It's about getting a balance

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You should take Secure Score Security as security recommendations you should implement and also that you won't be able to apply some of these recommendations because of t... Read More

Hi, in our tenant we don't have the option showing to "edit home page" in the Admin center.  Usually there is a pencil icon next to the "Home" page title, but we don't see this. This is the same for all of our Global Admin accounts.  


2017-04-05 09_26_54-Office Admin center - Home.png


Is this something t

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Yes, customization of Admin Center Home page disappeared for us as well. Have no idea if it's possible to switch it on.

AFAIK, this an OOB feature and I don't recall to see an option to enable / disable it...but let's see what others can say here


Today I noticed that Enterprise K1 SKU now included Skype Online Plan 1

(This was added somewhere between Dec 9th and Dec 21 for my tenant)

What is the story here, this was not announced anywhere.

Is it fully functional Skype SKU?

Both Skype for Business Online Limits

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Yup Skepe Plan 1 is included in K1




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Yup, someone mentioned it here already. As for being a ninja update, we're kinda used to this. That's why communities such as this one are so valuable, there's always tha

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Getting this message in the Message Center:

Problem Detected: Your Intune migration is blocked because you have groups with exclude clauses
Published On : March 27, 2017
Expires On : May 26, 2017
Action required by March 28, 2017


I've looked through my

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I am having the same issue, but I can't see where I have either of the two issues identified:


Problem Detected: Your Intune migration is blocked because you are targeting

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Having the same issue (can't find any exclude groups defined), anyone have any insights into this?

Office 365 Weekly Digest | March 26 - April 1, 2017


March is not going out quietly with twelve Message Center notifications last week!  New and updated features make up the majority of notifications, but there are a few that admins will want to review a

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Since a week or so, the widget showing the amount of disk usage is not rendering properly anymore:





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In several Tenants are ok, this could be localized, please open a Support Ticket.

Weird, I'm seing this in one of my tenants...in another one everything is fine... @Anne Michels FYI

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I am unable to export activity reports through the new feature announced in MC97512 (Updated feature: New export capabilities in usage reports in the Office 365 admin center).

In Google Chrome we get the error "Internal error" in Internet Explorer we get a

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For me is working too, tested with several browsers.


If continues, I sugest to open a Support Ticket.

The export feature is working fine for me

For large Enterprises, what's the recommendation for assigning Admin Roles within O365 (Global Admin, Billing Administrator, SharePoint Administrator, etc) -- do you assign individual names as Administrators or use more of a RBAC and assign say the ShareP

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So, there use to be this mentality, or framework, for Office services on-premises, of pursuing least-privileged access design in your administration and services. And, wi

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I would also recommend to keep use of Global Admin and other Admin roles at a minimum and always assign separate accounts for Admin rolls. I the admin panel under users i

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We are a tenant of around 100 users. Three of us are Global Admins and we each use separate admin accounts from our normal user accounts. We also do this for on-prem.

Here's a support.office.com article about the different roles and how to assign them that may be useful for reference:



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I'm using Azure AD Connect to sync my local Active Directory with Office 365. For the past few days I've started to receive the following message i.e. the directory is no longer syncing. As a test I added new objects i.e. users in my local on-premis

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Have you tried rebooting the Azure server?

Best Response
I would say your next step is communication. Firewall, certificates and the like. You could even wireshark the link for errors.

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