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We are using the basic Office 365 Mobile Device Management and last week it started blocking half of our devices (mix of different iphones and android), including my own. There was no change made to the security profile or the mobile devices. I was in con

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I'm not aware of any change made, but then again I dont deal that much with MDM nowadays. In any case, the answer you got from support is c*ap. Ask for the issue to get e

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I'm testing my Office 365 config from a User persepctive. I've set up a test User with an E3 license. Everything appears to be looking good apart from I can't rearrange my tiles in the app launcher as a User without Admin Roles.


Signed in as the System Ad

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AFAIK, you don't need to be an admin to do this...I have just tested it with a regular user in one of my tenants and it works as expected

Hi, in our tenant we don't have the option showing to "edit home page" in the Admin center.  Usually there is a pencil icon next to the "Home" page title, but we don't see this. This is the same for all of our Global Admin accounts.  


2017-04-05 09_26_54-Office Admin center - Home.png


Is this something t

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Yes, customization of Admin Center Home page disappeared for us as well. Have no idea if it's possible to switch it on.

AFAIK, this an OOB feature and I don't recall to see an option to enable / disable it...but let's see what others can say here

I want a powershell script where if i  enter the Active directory group; it recursively checks each member ifor office 365 e3 enterprise license.


Is there a link or script which i can make use of.



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As we are managing tenants for our customers, we would like to provide them access to Office 365 Usage Activity reports so they are able to improve adoption. Currently usage reports are only visible to Global -. Exchange -, Sharepoint - and Skype admins (

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"Reporting admin" role is in the works I believe. And since we are moving to Graph API based reports, you can provision an app with the "read all reports" permission or s

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Not sure what is going on but with the admin centre now if you raise a service request I can only request that someone calls me.  Then aside from that I cannot raise a second request until that one has been closed.


Also the View Service requests just take

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I asked our TAM @ Microsoft in the past and I got this answer. "Its a big difference between Professional Support and Premier Support. If you want to be business ready yo

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I have just had it confirmed whilst on a call to support that this is the case, it is now limited to 1 service request at a time per admin!



So I was wondering if there are any tools or scripts (if any) for showing numbers of users accessing the mailbox from outside an organization's internal network. Our organization has Office 365 and because there's the online platform with mail

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As @Vasil Michev mentioned, using O365 Audit logs is the better option. Check for "User signed in to mailbox" activity, which shows the IP address. Also to get the report

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I would recommend you to review the following:
(1) Usage reports you hace in Office 365 that you probably have already reviewed and considered these reports are not what y... Read More

Office 365 Weekly Digest | May 28 - June 3, 2017



A friendly reminder that the Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) session with the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in Power BI product team is on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. There seems to be a lot of GDPR-relate

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When I look at the Reports, Usage page, the OneDrive files chart shows Active Users 43 of 544, when I click on it the OneDrive Usage chart shows data as of yesterday and the last day shows Total Accounts 529 and Active Accounts 15.


Does this inconsistent

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Hello Dean,

Thanks for your message.

On the OneDrive card we show number of active users/enabled users. When you click on the card that action takes you to the Onedrive a

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Same issue here: For our tenant the OneDrive report is missing a lot of data as well. Most users do not appear in the report while they áre using OneDrive.

Ey Dean, is this happening in more than one tenant?

In my tenant the OneDrive and SharePoint Usage reports on Office 365 Admin Center (newest version) is displaying GUID links and GUID username rather than the human comprehensible data.


Example: "Site owner" : "[PII:H101(TLQB7b12eF+wrhXUxljRIasPiZTFmQiRjm0

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Hi everyone,

Our DLP reports still show the GUID instead of the file location in Sharepoint and the Last Modified user.  Are others still having any issues with the GUID?



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For my part, this was resolved as part of SP92913 - SharePoint and OneDrive usage report issue on Feb 8, 2017.
Hi, has been like that for a long time? Propably an update unfinished or gone wrong. Give the MS Team a headsup. Also could you make a screendump for us?

Yeah, I'm seeing the same for the ODFB report. Looks like the "Display anonymous identifiers instead of names in all reports" setting is taking effect even though it's di

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New Adoption content pack allows you to track user adoption of Office 365 services. You can track Licensed versus Active users of the service, apps that are used most for communication and usage trends for collaboration services such as OneDrive and Share

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Getting this message in the Message Center:

Problem Detected: Your Intune migration is blocked because you have groups with exclude clauses
Published On : March 27, 2017
Expires On : May 26, 2017
Action required by March 28, 2017


I've looked through my

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Got a followup:

Intune Migration: Your exclude groups won’t work the same after your migration to Azure AD
Published On : May 18, 2017
Expires On : July 31, 2017
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I am having the same issue, but I can't see where I have either of the two issues identified:


Problem Detected: Your Intune migration is blocked because you are targeting

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Having the same issue (can't find any exclude groups defined), anyone have any insights into this?

In the Office Admin portal, usage reports, how are active users calculated?


i.e. What makes a user an active SharePoint user?



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I guess the user needs to do something in the SPO sites you have: create content, modify content or simply access to the sites cc @Anne Michels

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Office 365 Weekly Digest | April 23 - 29, 2017


Several new and updated features for Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Online and Security & Compliance are the focus of last week’s Message Center notifications.


A new event listed this w

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It's an honour to be included in this weeks Office 365 Weekly Digest, with the Office 365 Change Management Survival Guide appearing in the noteworthy section.  Thank you

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Does anyone know what the implications are of changing the Name field under Settings > Organization Profile? This link suggests that it truly is just for "display" purposes making me think there should be little to no issue with changing this.

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No implications, just information about your organization...changing the name here is not going to change tenant internal name is that what you mean