Features we would like to see in Windows 365

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Like others, we are a 100% virtual company.  I love the concept of Windows 365 and hope it will support some of these important features for us, such as:


  1. No requirement for Windows Active Directory (on-premise or Azure hosted).  This would be on less expense
  2. Ability to deploy a custom desktop image and/or centrally deploy desktop software and configurations.
  3. The ability to prevent end-user changes and installations (i.e. no need for users to have local admin privileges).
  4. Company desktops residing on a segmented network without any other users.
  5. Ability to control data being copied into/out of the virtual desktop.


If I deploy Windows AD in Azure, will this meet all of our requirements for managing the desktop?


Great work Windows 365 team!


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Great feedback Brian, seems the asks are specific to the Business option of Windows 365. Would encourage to formally submit those ideas on our feedback site =

Meantime, I'll comment on each your options as they relate to both Enterprise and Business flavor options for Windows 365.
1. Possible today when using Business option, coming soon for Enterprise with AADJ support
2. Custom image is possible with only Enterprise option.  Enable MEM (Intune) and your Business Cloud PC's will get enrolled just like physical PC's when they AADJ allowing you to deploy apps, settings, etc to them.  Enterprise Cloud PC's have MEM requirement so they are always managed by MEM.  
3. Possible only on Enterprise option, all users are admins with Business option
4. Possible on Enterprise option, not on Business
5. Possible when configuring RDP configuration using Enterprise option

Thank you for the detailed response.

Where can I get more details about #2 for Windows 365 Business? How can I use a customised image for the desktop? How can I deploy software to the desktop? How can I change configurations of the desktop?
Just revised #2 in my reply, realized I was a bit brief in my initial reply, apologies.