Windows 365 Business vs Enterprise Data

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What is the difference between this and Azure Virtual Desktop?

What are the charges for the "Pay-as-you-go" network connections that are required?


The options are confusing. Also there is Business vs Enterprise. From the video mentioned in the announcement article , it seems like they are saying all the versions of Windows 365 machines can connect back to your on-prem to access things like the file server. However, from what I was able to find out, only Windows 365 Enterprise level machines seem to have this capability because of their vnet connection. Windows 365 Business level machines don't seem to have that option.


Also, Business level machines have unlimited ingress and egress traffic to the internet, but Enterprise level machines have metered egress traffic. Can these charges be made clearer in the documentation?


In addition, Business level machines can only be Azure Domain Joined, but Enterprise level machines cannot be Azure domain joined but REQUIRES an ADDS Hybrid Join environment (at least for now)?

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Great feedback, we have a article in draft that will published next week enumerating the differences better and in more detail, meantime, we recently published a blog post on Business option that has comparison table, here is link
Thank you. Looking forward to the article.
It would be great if some examples of "what to order in certain situations" and "estimated monthly cost" were included in the article.
For Example: If a company wanted to setup 20x Windows 365 machines for their users, but wanted those machines to be able to connect back to their on-prem network (either by vnet or software VPN) and also allow users to access normal internet from these machines.

@Eric Orman  is this article out? 

still in the works, a bit delayed, fingers crossed for next week.