Now available: Microsoft Graph Windows 365 APIs
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We're excited to announce the general availability of several Windows 365 APIs in the Microsoft Graph v1.0 endpoint!

What’s new?

Microsoft Graph APIs for Windows 365 can be used to tailor Windows 365 management experiences to your precise needs outside of the Microsoft Intune Portal. The APIs enable you to manage Cloud PCs, manage device images, create and run health checks on Azure network connections, create and assign provisioning policies, and more.

The Microsoft Graph beta endpoint includes APIs that are currently in active development by our team. As we develop new UI elements and modify them, we leverage the beta endpoint for our generally available UI and features. As the beta endpoints power our service, they’re highly available, but are subject to change without notice as required by development. The API sets on the v1.0 endpoint are generally available and have gone through a rigorous review-and-feedback process to ensure that they are stable from a developer standpoint and meet the change management notice requirements of Microsoft Graph. Updates to the v1.0 endpoints are additive in nature and are designed not to break existing app scenarios.

The following Windows 365 APIs have been available in beta, and we’re thrilled to announce they’re now available in the Microsoft Graph v1.0 endpoint:

  • CloudPC: Allows you to view properties of and take action on your cloud-managed virtual desktops. You can end a grace period, reboot, rename, restore, and troubleshoot a Cloud PC.
  • CloudPcAuditEvent: Allows you to view Audit activity logs which include a record of activities and activity types that generate a change in a Cloud PC.
  • CloudPcOnPremisesConnection: Allows you to create, view, update, or delete health checks on Azure network connections for Cloud PCs.
  • CloudPcProvisioningPolicy: Allows you to create, view, update, or delete a provisioning policy and assign it to a user group. These policies hold key provisioning rules and settings that let the Windows 365 service set up and configure the right Cloud PCs for your users.
  • CloudPcUserSetting: Allows you to create, view, update or delete Cloud PC user settings, including admin permissions and frequency of restore points.
  • CloudPcDeviceImage: Allows you to create, view, or delete image resources.
  • CloudPcGalleryImage: Allows you to view properties of the gallery image resource of the current organization that are stored in Azure and can be used to provision a Cloud PC.

This set of Windows 365 APIs is the first to be generally available. We’ll continue to promote our APIs from beta to v1.0 once they meet our feedback bar and we're confident that they are a stable base for our customers and partners to build on top of.

Sample queries

With a Windows 365 license and the required permissions for using Windows 365 graph APIs, you can experiment with the following basic methods to query data:

  1. If you have the appropriate permissions, launch the Microsoft Graph Explorer.
  2. Log in with your account.
  3. Copy & paste or type in the following URLs and select Run query to experiment with the Windows 365 Cloud PC v1.0 APIs.

For more information on how to use the Microsoft Graph Windows 365 APIs in v1.0, see Working with Windows 365 Cloud PCs using the Microsoft Graph API - Microsoft Graph v1.0.

Note: At this time, select components of APIs have been promoted from beta to V1.0, so it’s expected that some properties returned to beta APIs are not supported in V1.0.

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