Windows 11 concerns

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I Installed Win 11 over the weekend and have some major concerns for the usability of the OS.

#1 Displaying your email account on every settings page.

As an IT professional I often share my screen. With the showing of email address/account name  in the top left hand side of every settings page means I cannot share my screen with some clients due to 3rd party security concerns with showing my email address.


With no way to disable that display I have resorted to using a Local account witch then limits my access to features.


Something that simply does not need to be displayed has impacted the way I work.

I know who is logged in cause its me, why would I need it displayed right back at me ? This addition makes no sense and not having an option to remove it also makes no sense.

#2 Taskbar functionality.
This is a massive productivity issue. the inability to set never combine on the taskbar has a huge impact on productivity. If you ever run multiple windows of file explorer and move files between the windows, well this task just became very difficult as you have to click on each window, if those windows are full screen, well you can forget about clicking and dragging files between windows.

This issue extends to 3rd party apps eg. dragging photos into photoshop is now not possible as hovering over an icon in the taskbar does not bring that app into focus.



#3  The small things.

Simple things like Mapping a network drive, is now buried under a show more menu. Pointless additional click


Right clicking the time/date, brings up a settings menu however if you have left clicked and have the calendar up the right click menu is behind. last action should ALWAYS be on top.



The first 2 items are incredibly problematic and should be addressed ASAP


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I agree with you!

Often here I see how less cautious users share screenshots in which it is visible!

And the Taskbar in Windows10 -> is better!