Is Windows 11 Real?

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Now with the ISO leaked online a few days ago, Is windows 11 really real and will be released  on 24th of June ?? I have seen many videos of people running the os. Microsoft actually said that Windows 10 will be the last OS but is that true?

Everyone has tons of questions now;>


Please Tell If Windows 11 IS really there or it's just windows10x image edited?


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Great that there is such a lot of interest - but it certainly won't be available to all end users - because it's not possible!

Hello @ShashankDahat,


Microsoft has not officially confirmed Windows 11 release or any related information yet. Anything on Windows 11 can only be said after official June 24th event. It is recommended that you don't try leaked build/ISO and don't believe on its rumoured information, until it is confirmed by Microsoft. Wait for 24th June, you'll get all your answers then :smile:


P.S. The leaked build may contain malware and viruses which may harm your system. 

@Kapil Arya 


Thank you very much that you said about scammers who under the pretext of Windows11 can install us whatever they want!

Please do not download ISO from uncertain places!

Download itself - does not provide the possibility of installation without the correct installation key!

Actually I am not into that testing beta and ISO file downloads at all!! I want to know are we saying goodbye to windows 10 or it's just the sun valley update and the windows 11 ISO is just a fake ISO!
You Know I finally updated my PC to windows 10 after so many hardware upgrades and then microsoft announces windows 11.

Curiosity Is What everyone has about windows 11/sun valley windows 10.

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Windows10 still for many years will have microsoft support I can provide you !

This is due to many factors primarily for organizations - who do not have to fear such a change!

Thank you for the topic!


Like everyone said as of now which I am writing this post there is no Windows 11.

There is an event on 24 June from the Windows team and there would be interesting topics but we are not sure what are they.

However, in case Microsoft would announce anything, it will be shared in the official Microsoft websites.

I should share a concern that I am observing installation and ISO files with the name of Windows 11 and they are FAKE and containing malwares. They are just a Windows 10 with some modification and include malware therefore NEVER download or install them and only download everything from the official Microsoft website when they are available.

Yes Reza agree!
I would agree, and - at the same time - disagree with you.

What I agree with is you is that one should not download software from unknown origin.

What I disagree with you is Windows 11 is fake. There are way too many hints with the number "11" posted everywhere by Microsoft. Also, if for someone like Thurrott reported on it, along with screenshots, and Thurrott being one of the closest reporters to Microsoft, I'd say he is quite confident of the origin of the software. I wouldn't be surprise if this is leaked out intentionally to "boost search results" and "keep the rumor mill turning" among the tech sites, as well as for gauging early reactions. I'll call it "free marketing". :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I Think It Is The Same Windows10X Image But With Some Modifications, Because Making Windows So Tab Friendly Will Take Back Microsoft To Its Windows 8 Days And Almost All Users Will Stick With The Windows 10
Ich erinnere mich, dass Microsoft sagte, dass Windows 10 das letzte sein würde
Honestly, I don't think it's real. We'll have to wait & see the news (if any news pops up in the first place), and to me it just looks like Windows 10 but with some different colors, looking at some "screenshots" & "footage". Still, it's a pretty interesting topic. Microsoft will probably clear that question one day... maybe on the 24th of June? We'll have to wait & see, folks!
Microsoft In 2015:Windows 10 Will Be The Last Windows
Microsoft in 2021:PLan Changed Guys; Windows 11 Will Be The Last Windows
Windows Users In 2031: Ahh, Shit Here We Will GO Again!

Please Don't Take It Seriously ;)


Many Of The YouTubers Couldn't Install It on bare hardware even linus tech tips which means the installer is actually locked and that could be because of any malware. Also As said microsoft already had learnt much from Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Vista And WIndows 10 in S....
They Surely won't make this mistake again!!

The Start Menu is Also the same Windows 10x..
So Basically The ISO Install is just Windows10X's with name changes, installer changes and a logo created in paint!!

Surprising point is that why MS isn't blocking all the ISO download links? Maybe to created some buzz on internet which already is created in massive amounts of loads!

But What About this??


THank You Have a great day


Hi techienumber1
W11 ?
W10 ?
With all the OS's out there do we need another OS or do we need a final version with a different name to end the windows series
Time will only tell
To the ones who say it's fake ?
To the one's who say it's W11
Ms are keeping tight lipped on the subject and even my sources are not hearing anything so I keep an open mind if they need help they will ask
But with still gallons of errors in Windows it would seem a pitty not to do one more just to put them right ?
Windows 11 doesn't contain the right drivers for it to be run on bare hardware, if you put certain windows 10 drivers in a folder in the windows 11 iso it will install normally on bare hardware





I definitely do not recommend such an action!

Correct path - this is the Update service for the Windows system!


@ShashankDahat Microsoft va annoncer le 24 juin a 11h la version de Windows personnellement les Insider on a pas accès a la version qui va etre annoncer j ai u quelque avant gout mais je ne peu pas en parler c est a eux de le divulguer vous pour le savoir en même temps que tout le monde ici .


Microsoft Windows Event - Watch the June 24 LIVE stream


I actually installed the leaked Windows 11 on my spare machine. I disagree that it is a fake because it is hard for anyone to make that level of change. But I do agree with your concern on security. Nobody know if there's any malware on the leaked ISO. I haven't run into any problem so far, but still I wouldn't recommend anyone to actually install Windows 11
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So Windows 11 Is Now Confirmed By Microsoft And The ISO Was Actually Real, With Many New Features A New Generation Of Windows Is Starting With The Most Surprising Feature Of Bringing Android Apps To Windows

I Would Like To Thank All The People Who Commented On This Post And Made It Immensely Popular.....




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