Windows 10/11 - Handwriting Input - All of the question from all communities

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For handwriters - All questions from all communities in one place (sorry, but I need to link that to the "windows feedback", because there is a limit of characters.

1. Improved Recognition (ShapeCollector) - If we're done (50 sentences) on the basic improvement mode and it starts from the beginning (without deleted collected data), we're just improving it by the next sentences or starting from the beginning? It's not clear. In the first case we're writing it over and over and it maybe will be a perfect and useful tool, but in the second case, what happened exactly?

2. Performance of handwriting recognition - Fast network connection, good hardware, newest version of the system and perfect health of computer. Why is it fast and smooth and in the other case really slow and horrible on the same computer? Tested on a few different configurations, it's not a hardware problem. Even if exactly the same words and the style of writing make a really big difference randomly, is this input method not stable?

3. Handwriting Input (oldest to newest) - Tested by myself from the beginning (clear windows 10 enterprise version to 21h2), one by one. Conclusion:
- Older versions are faster. Recognition single letters (then suggestion, prediction working fine, because it's not so different from normal typing. We're creating a base of words, improving AI in the system and all of it working together better and better. It is not functional anymore and the question is - Why? Why are you upgrading an amazing tool from really useful and probably the most advanced tool to handwrite recognition for normal users and then making it totally broken and useless?

4. Handwriting Recognition (oldest to newest) - From the beginning it works instantly and the system tries to find the right word on the process of typing in real-time, so suggestions, predictions, even without "improving recognition" improving it just by using. Simple, but good. Newest version trying to find a word, before it comes to the right place. So.. AI not working in that way, suggestions and basic autocorrection too. What is interesting? When we're using this input method, even without any other options, the system corrects it too, but.. What exactly is it using.. no one knows. It's the question without answer after hours of searching, posting and discussing with official and unofficial communities or even support on microsoft site, including oficial microsoft agent on insider communities, who's sended me to this place. Why can't you give us a choice? It's simple for you, because you have the tools, you don't need to make anything of it, just give us a choice - What kind of recognition is better for someone who needs to use it - By the old system (Single letters) or the new system (Words / Sentences).

5. Improving recognition by writing - True or false? Does it make any difference if we're just using it and nothing more?

6. Teaching data collection - When we need to improve recognition by opening "ShapeCollector", it is a hint from the system, to find out how to save it and transfer it for the other devices. The link sended us to the clear site of microsoft and no one knows why too. It happened in other languages and even types of the system. So the question is simple - Where is the "data" and how to transfer it?

7. Handwriting input panel - Broken or frozen, crashed and restarted after a few seconds - It happened from the "new" version, because when the layout was still so simple, not so fancy and working in the other way, nothing happened. The question is - For us like the users, do we need a fancy and good looking input panel or working panel? 7. ShapeCollector in Windows 11 Enterprise 2h21 (dev) is still missing, where is it? I know, in one of the newest compilations, handwriting was upgraded, but still.. How can we make something with it, without even basic tools? I know, it's still the "Preview" and it could be a good reason why something so obvious is not there - Okay, it is for understanding at this moment.

EDIT: If you have another problem and you want to use it in a real way, not like the "toy" or the nice and catchy "thing" that you're using, but don't really need it - Tell it here.

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Hi thank you for your commitment, but the best place to give feedback, or a suggestion that will reach Microsoft developers is:

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