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I would like to format the text webpart so that the spacing is smaller.

When I take a smaller font the spacing is not reduced.

If I insert an image is it possible to insert it as icon. So that I need to doubleklick

when to see the image.



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@JFM_12 out-of-the-box it's not possible, the spacing in the text web part is set by Microsoft and there is no formatting or CSS option to change it.


If you want an icon to to be displayed instead of displaying the actual image, either add a hyperlink in the text web part or add a quick links web part although that would be separate to the text web part.


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Hi Rob
Thank you.
Unfortunately it is not possible.
What about an Icon as Image is that possible.
Have a great day
Your post and my edited one crossed. See above.

@JFM_12 You can add the images to SharePoint text web part but not in the way you want.


After adding image to text web part, you can change the size of the image. But, image added to text web part will always be visible - no click/double click events supported with out of the box Text web part.


DocumentationAdd text, tables, and images to your page with the Text web part 

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Hi Rob
Hi Ganeshsanap
Thank you both.
I new that but believed that would be possible.
Also changed the size. But both spacing and icon would help to display the text better, especially if the text is long.
Regards and have a great day

Hi @JFM_12 ,

Do you mean the space between lines?
You get a large space if you just press ENTER to get to a new line.
But if you press SHIFT-ENTER the next line will be much closer to the previous one.


Best Regards,

Hello Sven
Yes but when I have an Ident with chapters than I can not make SHIFT-ENTER because it wont work.
Do you have another solution.
Have a great day
I have the same problem. Are there any updates/solution to this? Thank you