Lack of relevant tools for Modern Page

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I notice that many webpart components are becoming available in modern pages but they are often not very useful or even superfluous.
Is it so difficult to reproduce the webpart component "text editor" so convenient to publish content with image and formatting? (Markdown? it's a joke in 2019?)
Same for the "script Editor" component allowing to build small solutions or add CSS.
Clock, counter, kindle, bing card, weather, timer, (button + url :xd:) etc... what is it used for in a company? These "Addons" can be created quickly in js.
I would like the SharePoint Online development team to produce real solutions for companies (intranet) and not WIX plug-ins

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Totally correct, not all the classic WebParts have a modern counterpart...but there are SPFx sample WebParts that can help here