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This has long been a problem but there appears to have been a subtle but significant change to the abilities here in SPO.  It appears you can now specify the site owners group as the destination of the request emails.  Has anyone seen any announcements or tried it out yet ?

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That appears to be wonderful news, but is it going to the SP Owners group members OR to the people connected Office Group Owner role?

Any idea if there is any powershell/csom cmd to implement?

I believe I have seen this in a message posted in the message center, but I cannot find it now

If the first option is configured, access requests are sent to all members of the Team Site Owners group.

If the second option is configured, access requests are sent to a specific user or distribution list.

In any case, only members of the Team Site Owners group can approve or decline access requests.


IMHO, a nice addition but not a game changer... 

that is not a surprise, the inability to find old announcements in the Message Center continues to be a disappointment

Thanks, it looks like this is just a slight improvement over the classic SP site access request process and will still result in requesters getting added to the SP Member group instead of to the connected Office Group (which is what I'm still hoping to get)

It's a much needed change, because previously it would only use the original site owner it seemed. or it was random. However, they need to incorporate this entire piece in with guest access requests for the entire group.

I started a uservoice for that request for Teams, but it encompass groups in general.
Your right, the message center message went poof :P. I concur that it existed last week lol.

Hi all,


I helped make this improvement happen so if you have any questions, hit me :) Message center post may have expired unfortunately but the documentation has been updated.


There were two pieces to the change:

1) Make it clear who is receiving access requests (especially since it used to default to "" which I'm pretty sure doesn't help ;). It's now clear if you're selecting the default (owners) or another e-mail address of your choice.

2) Show a custom message on the access request page.




Stephen Rice

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Some anomalies:

In a Community Site (/sites/...) it references the Owners Group.


In a Office 365 Groups connected Site (/sites/...) (group started in Yammer) it references the "Admins" group


In a Classic Team Site site (/teams/...) in some of them I see Members and some I see Owners.


Hi @Kevin Crossman,


Thanks for flagging this! Group connected sites should be sending the access requests to the O365 Group Admins so this is expected. The other two are anomalies so we'll track down what's happening here. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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What I really would like to see it that these requests result in the requestors account being added to the Office Group instead of the SharePoint Group. Is this on your roadmap?

Hi @Dean Gross,


If the user is requesting access to a site, I believe that option does exist. We don't offer it for document access requests as the end result is the user getting access to additional content (which may not be intended). If this is something you'd like to see, feel free to suggest it on User Voice though! Thanks,


Stephen Rice

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This is a welcomed change, thanks Stephen.

I often have difficulties explaining the top two access request settings tick boxes.

Below is what I send to people, is it possible for the text to be change to explain things a bit better?

Please let me know if I have this wrong.

* Allow members to share the site and individual files and folders.

This tick box determines whether users (ignore the word members, it's misleading, this is for anyone with access to your site except owners) can share the site, files and folders with or without your permission first. If this is unticked, the access request person/group will receive an email asking them to approve every time someone on your site tries to share something.

* Allow members to invite others to the site members group, *your site here* Members. This setting must be enabled to let members share the site.

This tick box determines whether users (people actually in the member's group this time or with similar permissions, but not people in the visitor's group or with similar permissions) can share the site (not files or folders) with or without your permission first. If this is unticked, the access request person/group will receive an email asking them to approve every time people in the member's group try to share the site.

Would it be possible to alter the text displayed to make things clearer?
Hi Stephen,

It would be great to see access requests in the modern site permissions sidebar, rather than having to go into site settings.

Hi @Andrew Silcock,


Your descriptions match my understanding as well :) We don't hear a lot of feedback on these particular strings but I'll keep this in mind next time we mess with the page (so we can hopefully make things a little clearer).


And I would love to see access requests surfaced there as well. Nothing in the works yet but definitely on my personal wish list ;)


Stephen Rice

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Good to hear Stephen, looking forward to seeing those updates!

hi Stephen

its  a great feature but today I came upon a site I set up way back when. For this site the 'group' option greyed out and says 'no owner group defined'. The site definitely has an owner group. any ideas how I can fix this?



Hi @Ella Visani,


What type of site are you on? Can you send me a screenshot of what you are seeing? Thanks!

Stephen Rice

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Hi Ella,


You might have deleted the default site owners group from site. 


Thank you,