Board view in SharePoint Online / Microsoft Lists


Microsoft is introducing Board view in #SharePointOnline / #MicrosoftLists 



  • New Kanban board list view
  • Drag & drop items through the stages of workflow
  • Configure which columns to displayed on card & in what order
  • Release Timeline

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@ganeshsanap When will this be available? I don't see the view in my listst yet.

@mleijzer I can see this feature in my targeted release tenant. Microsoft recently started rolling out this feature to targeted release tenants.

Microsoft will soon rollout this to all SharePoint tenants. You can check the "Release timeline" section in above blog post. You can also follow the blog post to see the updated "Release timeline" as I will keep updating it if Microsoft postpones the feature rollout.

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@ganeshsanap do you know, if Microsoft Lists will support document libraries any time in future (or is this already the case as document libraries derive from lists)?
I'm looking for a board view for document sets (with status and datetime columns) within a SharePoint document library.
Regarding Admin Center Message:
When this will happen:
We will begin rolling this out in mid-January and expect to complete rollout in early February.

Could be there any minute :)

@Philipp_van-der-Heide any updates on this release? I have just opted in to targeted releases, but do not see a Board option in Lists

Waiting for it myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
early Feb. is a wide span ^^

just got it 9on my dev tenant toady :)

@russgove @Philipp_van-der-Heide @bobrobert I can see the board view option in my targeted release tenant lists:


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@Gottfried Jocham Not sure about Microsoft lists supporting document libraries. But, I don't see the board view option for document libraries currently. It's only available in lists.

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Hello @ganeshsanap, thank you.
That's what I could figure out as well.
Do you know if there plans for implementing the board view for document libraries in the future? Is there anything on the roadmap?

@Gottfried Jocham As per my knowledge, I don't see anything on roadmap related to the board views for document libraries.

Maybe @Mark Kashman can help you with this.

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This just showed up in our GCC tenant. Thanks for all of your coverage of the feature!

@davidbump You're welcome. Glad you can see the board views in your tenant. 

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Two things: (1) it would sure be great to be able to remove or move the "Unassigned items" section. and (2) it would be great to be able to drag and drop cards in a section, to reorder them. Doesn't seem to be a way to reorder.

@ganeshsanap - good feature, is it on the road map to use a People column to group by/as kanban columns?

@MJSuckling I don't think people columns will be supported in near future. Choice columns are supported for now.

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I second this. The Kanban view is a good start, but feels a little unfinished. Adding ability to remove unsigned items column and reorder cards would be minimal effort and add a lot of value. Long term I'd love to see more more features like relational database tables similar to competitor products.



Is there a limit to how many fields can be seen on the card?

I've been having some issues in setting up the card, not all columns appear available for selection on the "Edit card" menu and even if I try to force via the JSON format window, fields I need can't seem to be brought into the card

@AlmaL21 What is the data/column type of column you want to show on card?


Did you included these particular columns in your board view?

  1. You can do this from List settings. Open your list & go to list settings.
  2. Select your board view under "Views" section
  3. Select checkbox against the column you want to include in view
  4. Click OK

Then try using JSON approach & see if it works for you.

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@Jason1900 You can set the sort order for columns from classic experience list view settings.

  1. Click on settings (gear) icon
  2. Select "List settings"
  3. Go to "Views" section
  4. Select your view by clicking on it
  5. Apply sort order as per your requirements and click "OK"

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