Project for the Web Enhancements

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Project for the Web desperately needs the following enhancements to be a more efficient Agile tool

  1.  The Grid filters are not working and you can currently only remove or add. We need to be able to filter a column or Sort a Column
  2. Effort Points category needs to be added to do better Scrum planning and to build a proper burn down chart in PowerBI
  3.  We need a PowerBI burn down chart in the Project for the web stack
  4. We need an attachments area for documents to reference back too. In Project Online we have a document repository
  5.  The Licensing model is very confusing. According to Microsoft you need a P1 essentials license to access Project for the web but currently it only works with P3 licensing , this makes the product a very expensive option. We might as well use Planner 
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Hello @System_Analyst1600,

Great suggestions. If you haven't done so already, feature suggestions should be raised on User Voice:

The project product team are using User Voice to review ideas.


Done, Thanks for the link