Microsoft Project at Ignite 2022: Announcing Goals, Agile Support, Assigned to Me, and More
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We are pleased to announce today the latest features for Microsoft Project, specifically Project for the web, that will enable your teams to track goals, manage tasks better, leverage agile support for your projects, balance team workloads, enable Planner users to try and buy Project, and more.


Get the latest below! Also, the Ignite 2022 on-demand session that includes Project for the web: Enhance a new way of work with Microsoft 365 is live now!


Tracking goals to drive success


The Viva Goals team announced on September 22, 2022 a new integration with both Project for the web and Microsoft Planner. This capability helps teams align their work to the organization's strategic priorities through Objective and Key Results (OKRs) while increasing visibility across projects for stakeholders.


Similarly, Goals in Project for the web can help your team set goals at the project level to track progress and ensure they are taking on the right set of tasks or activities that drive the most impact.



Project tasks included in Assigned to Me list


As a highly requested feature for Project for the web, Assigned to Me will be rolling out in the next couple of months. You can easily review your Project tasks along with all your other tasks in the Assigned to Me list, which is included in the Tasks in Teams, Planner, and ToDo apps.



Managing projects with agility


Agile support in Project for the web will enable you to plan, prioritize, and schedule the Backlog of tasks into time-boxed blocks of Sprints. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping tasks to the appropriate sprint, stack-ranking the work, and then assigning tasks to the relevant team members.



For more information, read the “Agile project management: Sprints in Project for the web” article


Easy, visual way to manage team workloads


People view gives you quick visibility into the allocation of the work across the team and allows for easy task reassignment to balance workloads. This capability has rolled out quite recently and joins the other views of Grid, Board, Timeline, and Charts.



Read the “Manage your team members workloads with the new People view!” article.


Better task management


Task history in Project for the web provides visibility into the past changes of a task that help highlight the impact to a project.



Project management enhancements


For those of you familiar with Project, advanced dependencies will be rolling out in Project for the web to manage those task relationships requiring start-start, finish-finish, and finish-start in addition to start-finish.


With the increase of task limits, plans built in Project for the web can scale up to 1,000 tasks to take on those larger projects.



Planner to Project experience


During Ignite last year, the Planner and Project teams posted a blog about aligning the two apps to have a more seamless way to work between them. Many of the popular features of Planner in Microsoft Teams such as checklists, labels, Charts, and Priority fields are now in Project for the web. The next step of this alignment is providing the option to upgrade and move a Planner plan into Project – or begin a Project trial right within Planner. If you’re an IT admin, you can manage usage and trials through dashboards.



To learn more about upgrading from Planner to Project and the usage & trial dashboards, please read “Planner to Project experience: Try Project, import Planner plans, and monitor usage” article


Ignite 2022 activities


Be sure to check out the on-demand session that includes Project for the web: Enhance a new way of work with Microsoft 365.

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