Agile project management: Sprints in Project for the web
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As organizations and teams continue to work in a faster and more adaptive way, agile project management can help your team be more flexible while delivering value rapidly and incrementally—allowing for continuous learning and adjustments. Additional benefits of an agile project management approach include:

  • More focus on customers’ needs and expectations
  • Greater adaptability for unforeseen changes
  • Tighter collaboration and more opportunities for feedback

Agile support in Project for the web enables you and your teams to create and prioritize tasks in their backlogs, define sprints and their date boundaries, move tasks between sprints and their respective backlogs, and build reports that include this data.


Our new Sprints feature can help your teams get started with agile:

  • Project planning: Tasks that your team adds will automatically appear in the backlog if no sprint is specified, allowing for better planning.
  • Sprint planning: Use Group by > Sprint in the Board view to easily create and modify sprints as well as add tasks to sprints.
  • Standups: Use the Sprints filter in the People view to quickly see what the team is working on for the sprint and rebalance your team’s workload.
  • Sprint retrospective: Select Group by > Sprint in the Board view to see your team’s progress and remaining tasks to determine what went well and what could be improved.


To get started with Sprints:

  1. Navigate to the Board view
  2. Select Group by > Sprint  




      3. Rename and set dates on the default sprint, or build your own sprint

      4. Create or drag tasks from the backlog into a sprint

             a. Please note that sprint dates should not overlap with each other

             b. You can also set the sprint of a task through the task's details





Integration with People view




Within the new People view, you can filter by Sprints to see only tasks in specific sprints.


See People view article to learn more.



Q: What sprint will a task default to if I don’t create it in the Group by > Sprint view?

A: The task will default to the backlog.


Q: What happens if I delete a sprint?

A: The tasks in the sprint will be moved to the backlog.   


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