Manage your team’s workloads with the new People view!
Published Oct 12 2022 09:00 AM 18.5K Views

The new People view is now available for all Project users with a Project Plan 1 license and above!






Whether you are a people manager, project manager, or another kind of manager, use this view in your projects to:

  • Easily see each team member’s workload within your project     
  • Determine if the workload of each team member is over or under relative to one another
  • Easily drag and drop tasks to reassign and update your team's tasks to balance out the work

To give this view a try, simply open a project and navigate to the new "People" tab in one of your projects.


Within People view, you can configure the new "View options" dialog on the header. For example, you can choose to show effort completed, remaining, and late in hours on the people cards, or choose to disable "Compact mode" to show all information on task cards just like in the Board view.


You can also choose to subgroup the tasks in this view by Bucket (default), Progress, Finish Date, Labels, and Priority to view the information organized in the way that is most relevant to you. Note: If you're using the Bucket subgrouping, don't forget to give your buckets some colors in the Board view to make it look as colorful as the images above!


For more information, please review the People view support article.


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