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Is it possible to highlight a start date or in my case many dates and up the date by intervals of dates? For Example, change all the following:


Mon 11/12/21

Tue 11/13/21

Wed 11/14/21


Highlight all and change date by 2 dates to result in:


Wed 11/14/21

Thurs 11/15/21

Fri 11/16/21



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Is it possible? Yes. Can it be done with some simple function in Project? No. You can either do it manually, or it could be done with some VBA.


However, I should ask what exactly are you trying to do? The simple example you give is a highly unlikely scenario for Project. If you could provide more definitive information, perhaps there's another approach that can get what you want/need.

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Wayne --

Yup, this is possible. Click the Task tab to display the Task ribbon. Select the tasks whose Start date you want to move. In the Tasks section of the Task ribbon, click the Move pick list button and select the Custom... item in the Move Task Forward section of the pick list. In the Move Task Forward dialog, enter 2d and then click the OK button. Microsoft Project will increase the Start date of only the selection tasks by 2 days. But keep in mind that in the process, the software will apply a Start No Earlier Than constraint on each of the tasks, and there is no way to prevent the software from doing so. Hope this helps.
I am brand new to this. What I am doing is....
I have 400 tasks. I am doing a scenario of 1 day per task.
I had to manually put in Monday Thru Friday. Then added Holidays.
So 400 tasks will take till 2023 to complete.
This is just ball park.
I will add resources. That will change the timeline.
I guess I am using it initially as an estimator of a timeline, and will adjust as resources are made available by my boss. I am showing what it would take for one person (myself) to do the project. Basically its coming out to 18 months. If they want it in 6, I will need 2 peeps. Right now the date will need to be changed when actually start. I wanted to change globally. Looks like Project is hurting in many respects.
This works for me. Thanks Dale!