Summer 2023 updates: What’s new and coming soon in Microsoft Project for the web
Published Jul 18 2023 11:00 AM 17.7K Views

The Microsoft Project team is excited to share a summer round up of updates for Microsoft Project, including much-anticipated features such as task history and access to custom environment projects in Microsoft Teams.


TLDR: Head over to the Microsoft Project playlist on YouTube for a host of new features that have been rolling out to Microsoft Project, including setting goals, integrations with Viva Goals, task history and more! Be sure to bookmark the playlist as we’ll be adding new videos over the summer!


Read on to dive deeper into these new features across task management and enterprise-ready project management.


Project and task management

Make your day-to-day task and project management easier, especially as you align and optimize for key business priorities.


  • Task history: Need to quickly catch up after your week off? There is a new feature coming to Project in August that will help you do just that. Identify recent progress or changes to your tasks more easily in the Changes pane. There you will find a list of edits such as changes to task properties, added or removed attachments, and changes to other tasks that impact the schedule of your work.  


  • New agile template: Whether you are looking to create an agile project or become more familiar with the sprints feature, the new Sprint Planning template can help you get started. This new template is available now.

Sprint Planning Template.png


  • Access custom environment projects in Microsoft Teams: Provide easier access to custom environment projects by adding them in your Microsoft Teams channel with this feature that started rolling out in June 2023. This new feature allows users to add projects from all environments directly in Teams channels. By clicking on “Projects” in the “+” menu within a Teams channel, users will see a complete list of projects associated with that specific channel, along with the corresponding environment names displayed on the right side of the pop-up. (as shown below)

Add projects in Teams.png


Goal-setting with Microsoft Project

With Microsoft Project, you get everything you need to manage your most complex projects and initiatives and adapt quickly to changing business demands. New features available this summer include the ability to set goals for your project, a feature we have heard from many customers as critical to their project management needs, and to align to organizational Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).


  • Goals in Project: Setting goals for your project is crucial for creating alignment within your team and among stakeholders to ensure that everyone knows what work is most important and how it is being prioritized. Now you can drive more alignment with your team and stakeholders and help prioritize work by tracking goals. The new Goals in Microsoft Project feature, which began rolling out in June 2023, allows you to easily set and track goals for your project, and even link them to tasks within your project to ensure that the work you have defined aligns with your goals.




Try out Project for the web: Liked what you read and want to try Project? Head over to to start a free 30-day trial.

Stay up to date with new features coming to Planner and Project via the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

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