Outlook shared Mailbox not showing all Mails in Inbox

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Hello Community,


i have a problem with a couple of Users using the same shared Mailbox.

In outlook 2016 Pro Plus and also in Outlook MS365 App, they are not able to see all Mails in Inbox.

If i search explicit for  a pecific Mail, i can find it - and this one is marked in "Inbox". In OWA no Problem. All is shown. 

Any Ideas?



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Are those older messages, did you check the cache settings? The cache slider in particular, as it will filter out all older mail. Similarly, check for filters configured on the folder. Or switch to Online mode.


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The shared mailboxes are the common mailbox that many users share in their Office 365 account. When the user of the shared mailbox sends an email to another user, then the user will receive the email from the shared mailbox, not from the senders mailbox. You can easily recognize the shared mailbox by its name like contact@companydomain, info@companydomain, complaint@companydomain, share@companydomain

Hi, the cache settings are set to 3 Month. But mails, not older than 3 to 7 Days.
Hi, we know to identify the Mailbox. The Problem exits in the Outlook App. If you klick on the SMB and check the Inbox, so messages are not displayed. If you search explicit for a missing message, you will find it in the search results. This Mail is then marked with "Inbox". Via OWA all is fine.