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The community will soon pass the 40,000 members line. They all like each other. In one place. Please explore the 'Likes Given To' network of the top contributors in the tech community. Much more easier to generate when MS open the Lithium REST API.


Likes Given To SVGLikes

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This is amazing. Need to explore Lithium REST API.

How can I generate the current Likes Given SVG?


That is cool. How do you created it?

Hey Bruno, we missed those insights!


Anyone else noticed this? I get this on multiple PC's. I'm always signed into my O365 account, other services such as yammer and OWA will just load, but every day open "Microsoft Tech Community" I'm "signed out" until I click sign in.


Just me?



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Yes. it has been discussed numerous times. You will get logged out after 2hours or so.

So I have yet to receive a single email from this network.  It appears my settings are configured correctly to email me, and nothing is turned off.


This is a personal microsoft account (gmail) rather than an Org ID

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This is a gmail account. No mail is in the spam folder at all. It is not in my account anywhere.

Hey @Brent Ellis - please check your junk folder. Our team is aware of the SPF check issue and it is being addressed. Let me know if you still don't see the emails.

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Congratulation, Tech Community passed the 40T members line.



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These two buttons are quite close to each other. When you are in rush, or after couple of beers, or simply due to negligence (yes, all above are exceptions, nonetheless) it's quite easy to click on Delete Message instead of Reply. IMHO, it's worth to move

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I didn't investigate this, but in Excel community we often have side effect like this


What's the simplest way to avoid such behaviour of the editor?


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:) ;) :-) 

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Wondering how this can be avoided too!

Hello.  I am working on a Pivot Table assignment and using Excel 2011.  I find I do not have a specific key in my ribbon that others have and don't know how to add it or find it.  In the Home Ribbon, to the right of Conditional Formatting, there should be

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Announcing a FastTrack AMA!

On Thursday, January 26, 2017 the Microsoft Tech Community will host an ‘Ask Microsoft Anything’ (AMA) from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PST / 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. GMT in the FastTrack AMA group. Add the event to your calendar here.  


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Doesn't lithium have some kind of broadcast option. I'm constantly missing out on AMAs on this platform compared to yammer. Either that or finally some working "unread" f... Read More

I have been unable for awhile to "like" posts in this community? Do certain people only have the ability to 'like' posts?

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They changed the layout, you need to press the "thumb-up" icon to Like a post now.


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They changed the layout, you need to press the "thumb-up" icon to Like a post now.


Is there a plan to start a Dynamics 365 Community?
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Under My Dashboard -> My Feed we have: Newest, Popular, Experts, and Unanswered.


So my question is: what defines an expert, and how are posts determined to surface in that view?

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I think under expert it will be Microsoft and MVPS but i am not sure.

I am looking at the new updates and a very basic fix was not implemented. As shown below, we are still seeing text that is truncated in the middle of a word and line. This is the only website that I have ever visited with this problem. It is totally inexc

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Thanks for the feeback Dean. Bumping this up our list. 

The new changes here seem to have ignored some of the biggest issues that make visiting this site a chore. I worry that you've boxed yourself in with the platform and can't fix most of them, or have decided that they are good ideas (the grid layout of com

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You are lucky Paul, with large monitor and only one space in community you see at least some "actual content" on the screen. In many other cases you have to scroll and sc

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Totally agree. A lot of scrolling and not getting a lot of useful information!

Hey folks, 


You'll notice that you can favorite spaces now. These are accessible from MY HOME in the Hamburger Menu or in the My Favorite Spaces list in the Hamburger menu. 


Note that My Home is not the same as the generic "Home" as it is your personl

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This maybe a dumb question but what's the difference between a "community" and a "space"?  I can't seem to find that answer.  I see that a space is a sub category of a co

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How do we find the Spaces in the various Communities?

Randomly opening a community to see the listing of spaces in hopes of finding a topic of interest is tedious and inef

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In the My Home area you will also find the My Communities feed which shows which category communities you are a Member of as well as Recommended spaces. 


It will also s

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