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I often feel like I don't konw where to post some of my questions or comments due to them being cross-product or more general.


I strongly recommend additional discussion Communities that are NOT product focused.




A couple by business size:  Small

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Tagging in @Simon Terry and @Lesley Crook for thoughts on a discussion-community around Working Out Loud in this space.

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I have two accounts (though I can't remember why). One account was established using my organization's ID. I will no longer be able to login to this account effective 3/31. Is there a way for me to merge this account with my personal one? If not, can it b

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Hi Diane, 


Yes, we can merge accounts. Can you PM me a link to each account and let me know which one you would like to continue to log in to?


Thank you!

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So I have yet to receive a single email from this network.  It appears my settings are configured correctly to email me, and nothing is turned off.


This is a personal microsoft account (gmail) rather than an Org ID

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This is a gmail account. No mail is in the spam folder at all. It is not in my account anywhere.

Hey @Brent Ellis - please check your junk folder. Our team is aware of the SPF check issue and it is being addressed. Let me know if you still don't see the emails.

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Anyone else noticed this? I get this on multiple PC's. I'm always signed into my O365 account, other services such as yammer and OWA will just load, but every day open "Microsoft Tech Community" I'm "signed out" until I click sign in.


Just me?



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Yes. it has been discussed numerous times. You will get logged out after 2hours or so.

When I click on alert.JPG I see a drop down list of notifications. So I review the list but the notification count does not decrease or go away. 


I do not want to click through to everything listed as I deem some items not relevent right now (or ever).


Please clea

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Came here to post about this very thing. Glad to hear a fix is being investigated. It's pretty annoying :-)


Please clear the alert count once opened the drop down.

Also, as of now (not intended), to clear the count click on "See All Notifications" at the bottom. You do not need to click on every notification item. 

We're aware of this and working on a fix ASAP! Thank you!

I'm not seeing where to upload images, per the directions in the Avatar link. Says its in my profile but I'm not seeing it. Help please!

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Don't have video capture/encoding software on this machine so, here goes a sequence of screenshots that hopefully will do the trick


Click on the avatar (mine has a photo) until Profile drop down menu appears.Click on the avatar (mine has a photo)

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Hello community members! 


We just announced a Microsoft Teams 'Ask Microsoft Anything' (AMA) to coincide with the news that Microsoft Teams is now rolling out to Office 365 customers worldwide!


The AMA will take place on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 from

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Hello Team,


When I navigate through the disucssions, on the overview page, the see the main discussion question with a certain number of likes and below the questions some responses are shown with the like count. what I have observed is that the Like coun

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Not sure if this was reported or not as I was using IE11 on Windows 10 I noticed this message referencing IE10 and older. :-) - for now I need to jump on Edge or another browser to use the site. It worked in IE11 on Win 7 by the way.



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Congratulation, Tech Community passed the 40T members line.



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Continue my stats



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Wow, there's 40 Trillion users now!!? ;-)

Not as cool as yours but this was my way of marking the occasion and that 40 thousand milestone, even with a corny tag line - Get on the right track with the Microsoft Te

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On Tuesday, March 14 at 8:30 a.m. PT, we will celebrate the global availability of Microsoft Teams—the chat-based workspace in Office 365. Please join us for an online event to mark the occasion. Microsoft Corporate Vice President Kirk Koenigsbauer and a

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Slight correction . . . celebrate the global (except for government) availability


The community will soon pass the 40,000 members line. They all like each other. In one place. Please explore the 'Likes Given To' network of the top contributors in the tech community. Much more easier to generate when MS open the Lithium REST API.


Likes Given To SVGLikes

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very cool, I would love to do this in Yammer!!!

That's really neat. It shows how engaged this community is and how we appreciate each other's contributions!

This is amazing. Need to explore Lithium REST API.

How can I generate the current Likes Given SVG?


That is cool. How do you created it?

Hey Bruno, we missed those insights!

Many of you may know that members and visitors can subscribe to any of the community spaces using RSS.  Just pick the "Subscribe to RSS Feed" from the options menu and bring this feed into your preferred program or service. This is a great way to stay on

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Even i follow RSS format and they are very instant.

I wrote a 'Getting Started with the Microsoft Tech Community' article on the Technet Wiki.  It links back to many of the getting started resources here and adds hopefully some useful guidance and tips. Here is the address:



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A quick update, I have continued to update this article, it has some power users tips, as well as some introductory material and places to start.  I got some good feedbac

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Hi Cian, 


We actually have a Microsoft Mechanics video detailing much of this information as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIE5gfZEh0Y 

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I have several tenants and so now have at least two accounts here on the technical community. Is there any way to combine or some guidance on which account to use?

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Anyone heard an update on this? I have two, and I'm getting confused.
I decided to use a personal account so that I won't be affected if a tenant account closes or I change jobs.