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Hi everyone,


My name is Steven Lepofsky, and I’m an engineer on the Outlook for Windows team. We have released to Insiders support for Outlook 2016’s Cloud Attachment experience with SharePoint Server 2016. We need your help to test this out and give us

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Not directly on-topic either.


Can you point me to a roadmap item for the same functionality in OWA in 365? There's no attach from SharePoint — the only sources are OneDri

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Will this be available for our Office 365 tenant as well? (we use SharePoint Online)


Also, why not call it 'SharePOint instead of 'Sites'? I would encourage you to be con

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Our Outlook Groups (email and Classroom) are not available on the left hand menu of Outlook 2016. Neither do they show as a selectable option on the Outlook 2016 calendar.


Does anyone know how to display them? I've gone through all settings but can't f

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We just ran into this issue as well with a few users. The Group has to be added to their Favorites in Outlook and then it will show up under their "My Calendars".

Are you running in Exchange Hybrid mode ?

Make sure your Outlook profile is set to use cached mode.


  • I have an Office 365 account with the email foo@contoso.com
  • I have an old MSA account with the email foo@contoso.com
  • Windows 10 - Creators Update (but tried this with a fully patched version immediately before updating to Creators Update
  • Outlook 201
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Probably something new with the Creators update. I havent updated to it yet, so I cannot test to see if I can reproduce. In any case, I'd advise removing the alias from y

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I've created a Shared Calender and shared it with a friend.

Working fine until recently (I suspect an update from Windows Phone 8.1 to 10).


Now when I check my calendar online (owa, so not in any client) all appointments are fine. The "all day" events show

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Just recently have been receiving pop-up messages stating that MrMAPI x64 has stopped working.  Running Windows 10 Enterrpise (1703.15063.483) and Office 2016 (1706.8229.2086).  Pops up about every minute or so, a little annoying.  The issue started on 7/

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It's not an officially supported tool, but you can report the issue directly to the author here: https://github.com/stephenegriffin/mfcmapi/issues

There's at least one oth

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This may seem like something trivial, but I am accustomed to sending attachments in emails straight from Windows Explorer, by right clicking the file and choosing Send To - Mail Recipient, which then opens a new email with attachment in Outlook.

I am us

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I'm on 8201.2102 and it is working ok.

Microsoft did recently release some bad updates for Office products that broke some functionality like searching and opening attachm

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Today Microsoft released an update to the Outlook Mail and Calendar app. One of the new features is Focussed Inbox. Unfortunately, I don't see this in my app. Checking the settings it tells me "this setting can't be applied to any of your accounts".


My on

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Well, update... I got Focused Inbox everywhere (even in Outlook Desktop), except for my Windows 10 Mobile device... which is the same app I use on my laptop and desktop (

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same here...

I got the question on setup but after that i have not seen a toggle to activate or deactivate :-(

Today, we’re launching exciting new changes to Outlook on iOS and Android. It’s the Outlook you know and love, with a redesigned conversation experience and the ability to quickly switch between accounts and browse folders. In addition, new intelligent se

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I noticed the changes in the app two days ago, but now the features have disappeared. I just updated the app in the App Store but I still can't see the new features. 

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Edited: June 5, 2017 with updated information. 


Focused Inbox is coming to an Outlook near you! Here is an update on our status for Outlook 2016 for Windows. If you want to see our latest for other platforms, see our blog post, as these details haven’t

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The focused inbox has disappeared from my outlook.com/hotmail.com account and i am not sure where the emails have gone that were in the other folder. The clutter folder h

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Thanks for the updates on how the rollout is going etc..


I finally got it working for my O2016 full client by enabling modern auth for Exchange (I had it on for the tenna

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We turned on modern authentication early this morning and so far so good.  Many have reported in that they have focused inbox.  We notified regional IT directors of the c

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Hi Allen,

One issue that's vexing me, and I totally understand it may not be a priority: I can't get Focused Inbox to show up when I'm using G Suite Sync with Outlook (bui... Read More

I wanted to seek some clarification.  I am an office 365 home user and looking to utilize focused inbox.  I am a windows insider running Office 365 ver 1704.  But I dont

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Is it possible to view Notes from the Outlook client in a mobile device?



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In IOS, though, the native EAS client can sync Exchange Notes with IOS Notes. 

No, I don't think this is possible, it's a popular feature request on the Outlook for iOS & Android UserVoice site at least - Sync Notes for Exchange, so it's possible it

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Need a confirmation on Outlook 2016 for Mac limitted to import content from a PST to the "On My Computer" store. If so, is there an option to move the content additionally into the O365 online account for mail, calendar and contact items. See also Import email messages, contacts, and other items into Outlook 2016 for Mac

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No confirmation received, but we're (almost) sure no hidden option exists to import PST content from Outlook 2016 for Mac into you O365 mailbox :-). Managed a workaround

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I'm seeing this feature in Outlook on the web, but it seems not finalized yet: Participants of the poll receive the poll notification, they can vote, but as an organizer I don't receive notifications when people have voted. Not useable at this stage.

I cou

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I just noticed another thing missing between FindTime and Find a Time. You can choose multiple times but you're unable to indicate your preferred time.


Discovered yesterday evening in OWA (only). Works fine with a couple of E1/E3 licences.

Very nice and seems to be working. So finally a decent alternative to DOODLE ?


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This functionality is currently available from FindTime. I suspect it will be this functionality that will be rolled natively into the product.

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Outlook for iOS and Android is on a mission to help you accomplish more with your email and calendar while on the go. With our latest release, we’re addressing one of our most highly requested features with improvements to our People experience.



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Still do not see this update on my Android devices!
Another option I still mis on Android is the scheduling assistant in the calendar. On iOS it is there for months, but o

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Great update, it's going to simplify email mobile management for lots of people.

Since a few days we cannot anymore do a "search" in the mails and in the contacts. It always gives "no results".


On the other hand, if you put the mouse on the "contacts" icon a window pops-up with a direct search for contacts. This is a standard possibil

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Having same problem with Outlook 2016.
Found this article:
Applying it di... Read More

I've seen mention of the same thing in the Answers groups.

It was mentioned that a recent update in Office365 broke the search for some and the only solution (so far) has

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In Calendar, People, and Tasks the four task switcher(?) icons are displayed at bottom left (see pix below). In email the four icons initially appear but after a few seconds they disappear — leaving an empty white space (see pic).


Anyone else see this?



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Mine remain there, probably some browser related issue indeed. Using IE here, they dont disappear even after hours of leaving OWA running.

Dear Sir, 


Can you please give me correct solution for my subject question. 



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Can you please give more information about your issue? Namely things like:
- what version of Android are you using?
- what mail app are you using (I presume it's Outlook bu... Read More

I am trying to import .vcf files I generated with OfficeLens (which I uploaded to a OneNote page). While the summary page in OneNote shows the correct Names the acutall vcard I am trying to use has the coding totally wrong.

The version string says 3.0, but

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The previous implementation of the contact pane in OWA (opening in a side bar window on the right) had an option (when going to Contact Details) to add the contact (sender / recipient) to your private address book.

The new contact pane popup feature no lon

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Yeah, it seems to be missing. Maybe add an UserVoice item?

We are trying out the Outlook for Android and iOS apps.

When we try to search in the Contacts/People tab for someone in our GAL it fails in Android but works in iOS.

Any ideas?

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I shared ppt file using outlook mail with my partner who is outside from my tenant with shareing link.


He just replied to me that he wants to download it. shareing link is too slow... blah blah..


I know if I gave him link of onedrive of normal format(exte

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@Juhyun Kim

I assume you have shared a single file using an anonymous link.

In such a case, the recipient cannot download the file.

If you put instead the file inside a fold

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Why not attach it like normal? Office 365 supports attachments of 150MB.
Alternatively, give him "Edit" rights and get him to open the PowerPoint file in PowerPoint instea... Read More

We are constantly experiencing the indexing problem in Outlook 2010 standard version. We can not find the agents. What do we need to do to keep indexing running?

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I am getting this error because it caused this problem in the update that Microsoft released.

New Emails, Replies and forwards are failing to be included in emails with the newest build on windows 10 PCs. I have seen it on three here so far today. Most likely going to roll those users back to the previous build until its verified working again. un

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Same build on several machines. No problems with signatures.

Hi James,


I'm on the same build and have no such issues at all



That's something else.

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Search funtion not working in Outlook, with account configured with POP3, (not office 365 mailserver)

rebuild search index  no help, install outlook to previous version no help, repair pst no help.


Help please

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Please refer following informations on "Outlook known issues in the June 2017 security updates".

The problem may be caused by this glitch.


Outlook known issues in the June 2017 security updates

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Since the update to Version 1705 (Build 8201.2102 Click to run) we receive a warning about potentially unsafe attachments when we insert .png or .jpg files in the email.


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This is a bug that is being discussed in this post - Outlook 2016 C2R 'Unsafe attachments' warning pop-up.  This is what Microsoft have said:


"I got confirmation that its

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Outlook for Mac is adding several highly requested features for Office 365 customers, including the ability to send an email at the time of your choice and request delivery notifications and read receipts. These additions deliver on four of our top 10 req

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Great news i am already in the fast ring but great it is getting these features love the touch bar by the way

Microsoft has just added new functionality to Outlook For MAC users.


The feature we look at here is the new template function which has been one of the most wanted features from the user voice.


Ant Text (www.anttext.com) takes the template functionality

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