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The navigation bar has been moved to the left. How can I change it back to be on the bottom?



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Please try this:


Open Outlook... Click 'View', select 'Folder Pane', change from 'Minimized' to 'Normal'



thanks for your reply, but still the same 




Would suggest to reset Outlook profile for next step


This is a new feature from Microsoft and from what I read this morning it can't be moved or hidden.

@_JR321  after an update last night, the navigation bar has moved to the left for me too.  I find it more convenient and more economical to have the navigation bar at the bottom for mouse movements (I have RSI / OOS, so need to be economical.) I wouldn't mind it reverting back to where it was, or at least giving us the option to move it if it's more efficient to have the navigation bar at the bottom.

@Rj__M  I agree with you totally, at least keeping the choice of location would make it better.

I agree that a choice of location for navigation bar is preferable!


Hi everyone,

I found the answer to this unwanted change (in the future it will be forced to have it on the left ...). I've already posted it on the MS forum but I will post it also here what to do:


Guys, this feature drove me also crazy but I did what u/AKSNC30 wrote BUT I had NOT the possibility to unclick the "Coming Soon" feature in the normal or safe Outlook.


What I did:

1) Closed MS Outlook

2) run with WIN+R (Windows button + R) and typed outlook.exe /safe (there must be a space between "exe" and "/safe"

       ( 3) if there is no feature for "Coming soon" - just close safe Outlook)

4) closed the "Safe Outlook"

5) reopened normal Outlook


and all was again in place (nav bar under e-mail folders). So I don't really know but Microsoft is doing some stuff without even the possibility to revert it back ... and we pay for this ...

The link to my comment is here on page 10 (Vik99977)




Mine has moved too :( 


Microsoft please don't force change on us, I am so used to the way things were.

Couldn't agree more, why have it on the left with everything else to squash on something extra, the bottom is more convenient and makes a lot more sense!
That worked pefectly! Thanks.

@MBZ1_ Moving the navigation bar to the left side is not my choice but can live with it.   What I have a serious issue with is that my shortcuts are no longer accessible, as is the full list of folders.    Does anyone know how to get the folder list and shortcuts back?   I am concerned about the temporary reprieve of the /Safe mode start in case that wipes my customizations.   I have a LOT of custom views, conditional formats, rules, etc...    All I want is to be able to get my shortcuts and full folder list back.

Why is this forced instead of a choice? I use Outlook on a Landscape monitor, hence I have a lot of height to work with but screen width is a premium. I want those buttons on the bottom like they have been for years.

@Randy Redekopp 

Lci on the elipses on the new navigation bar on the left - notes, folders and shortcuts are there.  Choose the ones you want to see, then right click on them in the navigation pane and click Pin.  Hope this helps.

@MBZ1_ try to turn off the "coming soon" option on the right top of the outlook. it worked for me.

Excellent, thank you, worked like a charm. I hope it sticks! If MS feels they have to move this Navigation Bar to make it look more like the Office 365 web app, then we should at least have the option to move it back to the bottom.
I opened a support case with Microsoft this morning to get more info on the change and received a callback within 10 minutes. :)

This change is coming. Yes, you can do the /Safe mode thing to temporarily move the navigation bar back under the folder pane however future updates will most likely make this a permanent change. I did NOT test this as I wasn't sure if that would also permanently mess with my custom views, conditional formats, rules, and all the other tweaks I have in my profile.

I wasn't as concerned with the location of the navigation bar, only that I didn't initially see where to access my shortcuts or my full folder list. They are both accessible via the ... elipsis at the bottom of the bar.

You can right click on each of the various icons to pin them to the list, move them up or down, get to options, and various other choices depending on the icon choice.
Thanks to @Rona_atPEP too



Thank you.  Switching from normal to minimized and back moved it back the bottom.


Very annoying.




This worked great, thank you. I'm also on the same page with many others...leave the navigation bar with the ability to place where desired. When splitting screens horizontally it provides more area to view email.