Outlook 2007 search on Windows 11 fails by returning no results

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Since I upgraded to windows 11, Outlook no longer can search for text in messages.

This was working on Windows 10 and Windows 8/7.


This issue is causing me a headache, I had this issue when upgraded to Windows 10 but was able to fix it searching on the net.


I have tried everything Microsoft support pages suggested, and many others, but with no resolution.


Thank you for any help to resolve the problem.


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I've got the exact same problem,  and for me its a deal breaker for using windows 11.  I've tried every fix I can find on the net, and nothing works.  I'm off back to Windows 10 @beker 

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Hi, I finally fixed the problem on Windows 11 by simply going to:

Control Panel->Indexing Options->Modify->Unchecked "Microsoft Office Outlook"


Save everything and restart the Outlook.

Now I can search my mail box.

I thought keeping outlook checked is the right thing to do.

But Microsoft interface and docs, sometimes are not intuitive. 


Hope this helps.


Thanks for that, very useful.  Why turning off search indexing actually makes the search work is a mystery to me! You've just saved my sanity. 

When Windows search is turned off, Outlook's older, slow search engine kicks in.

With Outlook 2007 long past support any fixes would be because it doesn't work in versions or other programs that are in support.

very useful, thank you 

@beker i tried this but it didn't work

yes now it worked after restarting windows....thanks.

is this a temporary fix and should we go back and check that box again after some time of using windows 11?
Beker, Your solution worked perfectly! thank you! I had spent the whole day trying different things, rebuilding index files, etc.... none of which worked, so Thanks!


I am also having this same issue as i am using outlook 365 and when i upgraded to windows 11, i am not able to search. Thus, i tried going to:

Control Panel->Indexing Options->Modify->Unchecked "Microsoft Office Outlook" , but unfortunately after following the above steps when i click in to search tab, all search options are greyed out and i am not able to search by any option. Moreover, when i write something in a search box, it says "something went wrong, and your search couldn't be completed. 


If possible, kindly help me on this issue as it has completely spoiled my work after upgrading to windows 11 !


Thanks & kind regards,


This options are working
Thank you sir
Can anyone help me with this, if possible?


I gave up, beside the Outlook search not working, I found more issues with Win 11. Now I see that you can not Drag and Drop to Task Bar. Its beginning to look like MS upgrade actually means downgrade / loosing options. I am returning this PC to see if I can still find a PC with Win 10. Or maybe I move to MAC

I agree with you as it's frustrating
Thank you! I've just spent two days doing everything but turning off indexing to get indexing working :)



thanks for your information.
I have tried you suggestion which is fine. I have logged out of Outlook 2007 and then logged out of windows/restarted the computer and also did a cold restart, but the same problem persisted but when i looked the the indexing option again , the outlook box was checked - like it gets checked when i restart windows. Am i missing somehting when I go through what you've suggested? I think I have addressed all the options - there weren't many.
Thanks for any advice

@Orlando418I had the exact same problem, where the check box reappeared. Unfortunately I can't remember how I finally got the unchecked to stick. I do remeber there being two places where you could turn off indexing, one in control panel as described by beker, the other in Outlook itself, under tools/options/preferences/search options. Give that a try to see if it resolves it.

@Paul_GBThanks fro responding so promptly to my message

Fantastic !! yes that worked.

I unchecked the boxes in indexing options in Control panel  and as you suggested also in Outlook's options . Restarted everything and the search feature now functions.  This was causing problems since the upgrade as I'm running a business where a lot of emails come in and don;t always get categorised.
THanks again to you and Beker.

Hi DIane
thanks for providing that link. I am assuming that this fix addresses the above issues? I have been a little nervous applying fixes in the past in case they cause other problems, but I will apply it iand hopefully it does in fact correct the outlook search issue.
I notice on reading the info in the link that it states "Addresses an issue that affects searchindexer.exe and prevents Microsoft Outlook’s offline search from returning recent emails." so I guess it does.
I will try it and will see.